Faith Friday: I Am Protected in Jesus

Faith Friday: I Am Protected in Jesus

Last week I started something new here called Faith Fridays. I’ve been reading this book called Sun Stand Still by senior pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have come to really enjoy Steven’s take on our good Lord’s word. Steven is real, he puts the Word into a modern day context, and he’s passionate about what he does. His passion for people to find audacious faith in their lives is contagious. 

What is audacious faith? I explained it last week and give a great quote from the book. This week I’d like to share another excerpt.

“A lot of times, our greatest fears are rooted in personal insecurities. The perspective of faith enables us to see who we truly are in Christ. God is on our side. Through Jesus we are righteous and cleansed. We’re accepted… It’s not wrong to feel fear. It is wrong to let that fear have the last word in your life. The people who accomplish the most astounding things for God’s glory aren’t the people who feel the least fear. Often they are the ones who deal with the most intense fear. But instead of letting that fear disable their dreams, they start increasing their capacity for faith. They act on the part of God’s direction they do understand. And they leave the rest up to Him.” 

In the book, Steven talks about Twelve Faith Confessions and how hearing the Word initiates our faith, speaking the Word activates our faith, and finally doing the Word demonstrates faith. These twelve Faith confessions will help us do just that. They are based off of comprehensive teachings of God’s word. And I love all twelve of them.

Every Friday I plan to share one with you. It is my hope that you will print it off, you will post it somewhere where you will see it every day. I plan to put mine in my bathroom. On the mirror. And as I look in the mirror every morning for a week, I will speak God’s word to me. 

So welcome again to Faith Friday. I hope you will find your audacious faith with me! 


I am Protected in Jesus