Faith Friday: I am Fully Resourced

Faith Friday: I am Fully Resourced

Welcome back to Faith Fridays! I am still reading through Sun Stand Still by pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. Slowly but surely I will get through it. I want to savor every word, ever line that hits me to the core. In the book, Steven talks about how to ignite your audacious faith. 

What is audacious faith? I explained it  here and give a great quote from the book. This week I’d like to share another excerpt that perfectly explains how we are fully resourced to do all God has called us to do. All it takes is some effort. 

“I’m not content to just motivate you to want to live with audacious faith. I want to enable you to develop your faith. It’s one thing to want to trust God to do the impossible things through your life. It’s another thing to get to a place where you’re able to trust him at that level. No one can transplant a heart of faith into you like it’s a body part. Faith is more like a muscle you already have. It just needs to be strengthened. You have to be intentional about making it grow. I’m not saying that you’re on your own with this thing or that you have to work up some feeling of faith through your own effort. You’re not out there by yourself. There are millions of Christians across the world exercising audacious faith right alongside you. And of course, there’s the divine presence and power of the Holy Spirit inside you.” 

I’ve read another book that compared gratitude to a muscle. And the more gracious we are, the more we exercise our gratitude muscle, the happier we become in life. I love the comparison of our faith as a muscle. It’s not something we can expect to get over night. It’s not something that will just come to us if we hope it comes.

If any of you have been following me through my journey of fitness, you’ll know I am striving to lose weight, gain muscle. Those things don’t just come because I want them to come. I have to put the effort in in order to see results. Not only do I have to work my body, I have to feed it. Faith fits in there perfectly. Feed your faith, exercise your faith, and it will grow. And don’t forget, you are already fully resourced to do what God has called you to do. It just takes trusting in him and forming a relationship with him. 🙂  

In the book, Steven talks about Twelve Faith Confessions and how hearing the Word initiates our faith, speaking the Word activates our faith, and finally doing the Word demonstrates faith. These twelve Faith confessions will help us do just that. They are based off of comprehensive teachings of God’s word. And I love all twelve of them. Every Friday I will be sharing a new one. 

 It is my hope that you will print it off, you will post it somewhere where you will see it every day. And that you will speak God’s word to yourself every day. 

So welcome again to Faith Friday. I hope you will find your audacious faith with me!

Have you guys been enjoying these!? 


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