Faith Friday: Acting in Faith to Change the World

Faith Friday: Acting in Faith to Change the World

Welcome back to Faith Fridays! We are chugging right along with these Twelve Faith Confessions from the book, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. He talks about how hearing the Word initiates our faith, speaking the Word activates our faith, and finally doing the Word demonstrates faith. These twelve Faith confessions will help us do just that. They are based off of comprehensive teachings of God’s word. 

This week’s faith confession is a big one… Did you know through FAITH we have the power to change the world? Change the world. That is a powerful, powerful statement right there. What kind of faith do we need to change the world? We need audacious faith. What does it take to build audacious faith? Let me share with you a passage out of the book that speaks on this very issue. 

Your faith isn’t going to magically increase simply because you want to do big things for God or because you’d like to be able to sleep better at night. Your faith can only mature as you methodically develop it through God’s faith-formation process: 

Hear the word.

Speak the word.

Do the word.

When you get into the rythm, you’ll notice your faith getting more muscular. Not all at once. It builds little by little with each step you take in faith. You’ll notice your outlook getting clearer every time you bring the Word front and center in your decisions. You’ll learn to let the Scriptures dominate emotions of discouragement and frustration. You’ll feel the strength of the Word enable you to press through resistance that would have stopped you in your tracks before.

So my friends, today, use this faith confession. Hear the word, speak the word, and do the word. And through that, we have the ability to change the world, simply using our audacious faith. 


Acting in Faith to Change the World - Prairie Californian

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  1. August 29, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    Summed up, I’ve been saying to unbelievers and Christian-bashers lately: if we loved each other the way God loved us, the world would be a better place. When people were unabashedly hating Phil Robertson for making “anti-gay” remarks in the news (blown way out of proportion by the media, of course) if you take the time to read his story and dive further into it than get mad at the headline, it’s all about loving people the way God loves us.
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