Thirty Days of Food Series

Agriculture Advocacy

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you’ve had the opportunity (or torture, ha!) to hear me speak or have read this blog for any amount of time, it may be clear that I love to share all the wonderful positives that can come about when you choose to take on a personal commitment towards having conversations about agriculture. I regularly encourage more people to take on this personal commitment. But the truth is that this journey towards communicating about Agriculture hasn’t always been full of…

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Canning Recipes

Pickled Red Onions

Pickled Onions-5

Okay. I am admitting it. I am addicted to canning… And pickling. You guys, it is just so easy. I don’t know why I feared it for so long. Gone is the days of Jenny’s jam… Hello the days of Jenny’s Pickling! I am slowly becoming the crazy lady who pickles everything! My canning board on Pinterest is getting out of control with ideas.  Currently in my fridge and pantry I have two kinds of pickles, pickled fennel, pickled radishes,…

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Canning Recipes

Jalapeno Bacon Jam

Jalapeno Bacon Jam-6

When we were in Thanksgiving for California, my mom pulled a jar out of the cupboard for me to use in some sort of toasted baguette appetizer… It was jalapeno bacon jam. And it was glorious. I knew I need to re-create it at home. If you know me, you know my addiction to jams with jalapeno so this one was right up my alley.  Disclaimer: if you aren’t someone who can utilize self control, this jam may not be…

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Recipes Soups & Stews

Zuppa Toscana Soup

Zuppa Toscana Soup-5

I would love some traditional and authentic Italian food every night of the week if I could. But there’s something about Olive Garden that I can’t shake… Those breadsticks, the veggie filled salad with tangy dressing, and I can’t forget… the soups. Their Zuppa Toscana soup is to die for delicious.  A mixture of italian sausage, potatoes, bacon, and kale in a comforting creamy broth. Since I live more than 100 miles away from the nearest Olive Garden, I love being able…

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Agriculture Advocacy Corn Crop Protection Farming Soybeans

Improving the Genetics of Our Food

GMO facts

It is no secret to any of you that I LOVE food. I love the amazing diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables I can find right here in the middle of nowhere North Dakota. I also love learning about how that diversity of fruits and vegetables came to be. I am constantly amazed when I dig deeper into the history of our crops and what is being done with technology today in order to improve those crops in an ever-changing…

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Drinks & Cocktails Recipes

Cran Apple Moscow Mules

Cran Apple Moscow Mules-4

Ever since we visited our good friends in Montana and they introduced us to the wonder that is Moscow Mules, I’ve been addicted to them. The ginger beer. Vodka. A splash of lime. And it’s served in a copper cup!? It’s pretty much cocktail perfection.  Before they came to visit, I scored two pairs of these beautiful Copper Mugs on Amazon. They are purely copper, not lined like most copper cups I see in the store are. And Moscow Mules at the…

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Faith Family Year End Review

2015. The Breather Year.

2015.The Breather Year.

Well, it is that time again where I sit down and I write my thoughts down regarding the year we are finishing out. 2011 marked the year of social media. 2012 was the year of love. 2013 was the year of marriage, and 2014 was the year of the home.  It has been quite an incredible journey, all chronicled here on the blog. The journey of meeting Mark, moving to North Dakota, getting married, and building a home. Phew. 2015…

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Blogging Social Media Year End Review

2015 Social Media & Blog Year End Review

2015 Social Media & Blog Year End Review - Prairie Californian

I LOVE this time of the year where we look back on all that has happened in the course of a year before we say hello to a new year. I don’t know about you, but time flies by. The months go by so quickly, by the time we hit December, I love going through and re-living what happened throughout the course of the year.  If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know year end reviews are…

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Family Main Courses Recipes

Homemade Strudels


I will never forget the first time I had my mother-in-law’s strudels… My husband was beside himself excited and much like when I was told we were having pigs in a blanket (halupsi), I had imagined strudels to be some filled pastry, as that was the only thing I’ve heard called strudels. Turns out Germans from Russia have their own variation of strudels and it isn’t anything like a filled pastry. Studels in Germans from Russia country are much like…

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Desserts Recipes

Classic Shortbread Cookies

Classic Shortbread Cookies-9

Every year, I make it my goal to give away homemade gifts to friends and family. Most years this consists of things like spice mixes, flavored butters, spicy jams, and other fun creations. Most years I love to make some traditional and classic Christmas treats to go along with the homemade gifts. This year, as I scanned Google and Pinterest for inspiration, I kept coming across shortbread. Shortbread is something that I’ve never really been exposed to, but I had recently…

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