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Chocolate Mousse Crepes featuring Jenni of Flood Brothers Farm

Chocolate Mousse Crepes-8

Several years ago, I frequented a restaurant in Chico, CA called the Kramore Inn. It specialized in crepes and other pasta dishes. But they served this dessert of chocolate mousse crepes that was out of this world. I decided to make some crepes and re-create this dessert for the feature of another lovely dairy woman. Today we’ve got Jenni of Flood Brothers Farm!  DAIRY: JENNI OF FLOOD BROTHERS FARM Maine When did you start farming? What brought you into farming?…

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Beef Pot Pies featuring Trista of Cattle Empire

Guinness Beef Pot Pie-2

Who doesn’t love a good pot pie? Honestly, it’s one of the standards of comfort food. Most of the time, chicken gets the spotlight. But this beef pot pie is so rich and delicious thanks to the addition of Guinness beer and a cheddar crust. This is a husband favorite for sure! To go along with these delectable beef pot pies, I share with you Trista of Cattle Empire out of Kansas!  BEEF: TRISTA OF CATTLE EMPIRE Kansas When did you…

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Recipes Soups & Stews Thirty Days of Food

Beer Cheese Soup featuring Renee of Eat Farm Love

Beer Cheese Soup-1

I can’t think of something that suits a dairy feature better than Beer Cheese soup. To go along with this delicious comfort soup, I have Renee of Eat Farm Love. I love to pair this soup with homemade soft pretzels. It’s like heaven.  DAIRY: RENEE OF EAT FARM LOVE Pennsylvania When did you start farming? What brought you into farming? I was born and raised on a Jersey dairy farm and have always had a passion for dairy cattle and…

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Appetizers Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Cajun Boiled Peanuts feautring Woodham Cattle Co.

Cajun Boiled Peanuts-5

I’ve lived in California and North Dakota, neither of which are the South. Apparently boiled peanuts are a thing in the South and intrigued me. So when I got a peanut grower for Thirty Days of Food, I figured I may as well give Cajun boiled peanuts a go. Boiled peanuts are a fall favorite of Woodham Cattle Co. from Alabama. I only hope this recipe can do them justice!   PEANUTS: WOODHAM CATTLE CO. Alabama When did you start farming? What brought…

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Pumpkin Goat Cheese Raviolis featuring Kyle Wasson

Pumpkin Goat Cheese Raviolis with Brown Butter Sage-2

Just recently I had the pleasure of attending the U.S. Durum Associates International Durum Forum. It was incredible to learn all about durum production and be able to hear how the production of durum differs from the hard red spring wheat we grow. I am excited to be featuring a durum grower for Thirty Days of Food. Kyle Wasson grows durum (among other crops) in Montana. For those of you who don’t know about durum, here’s a little background information. …

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Beef and Rice Hot Dish featuring Cody & Abbie Smith

Beef and Rice Hot Dish-3

Today I am excited to feature another North Dakotan! Abbie and Cody live about 50 miles from me and they raise beef cattle. Abbie shared with me one of her favorite “hot dish” recipes. If you aren’t familiar with Midwestern vernacular, a hot dish is essentially just a casserole. This hot dish featuring beef and rice and is such a simple weeknight meal! Enjoy!  BEEF: CODY & ABBIE SMITH North Dakota When did you start farming? What brought you into farming?…

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Desserts Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Cinnamon Maple Bacon Waffle Cookies featuring Hillcrest Family Farms

Cinnamon Maple Waffle Cookies with Bacon-2

I met Brad of Hillcrest Family Farms during an American Soybean Association event earlier this year. Brad and his wife Nicole operate a family farm where they produce corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa. They also own and operate a dairy in addition to their farming operation. Maple syrup began for Brad and his family as a hobby but now has evolved into a family tradition. I was in awe at Brad’s posts on social media sharing about how they have to cook…

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Recipes Sides Thirty Days of Food

Cranberry Bean Ragout featuring Erica Brown

Cranberry Bean Ragout-2

Until Erica Brown (a fellow North Dakotan too!) got in contact with me to feature Cranberry beans, I had never heard of them! Cranberry beans are popular in Italian, Portuguese, and Greek cooking and are often known as borlotti beans. They are similar in taste to a pinto bean or kidney bean, but are much more beautiful. Cranberry beans are light colored with cranberry colored speckles. They are perfect for salads, soups, casseroles, stews, rice, and other whole grain dishes. You can…

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Leg of Lamb Marinade featuring Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay

Leg of Lamb-2

I was super excited when I had a lamb producer, Lindsay of Agricultural with Dr. Lindsay, get in contact with me. Lamb is something that growing up in California, we ate a lot of. Here in North Dakota…. Not so much. So anytime I have a good excuse to cook some lamb, I do it! This is one of my favorite marinades for a leg of lamb. It pairs so well with the lamb is so full of flavor. Even…

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Breads Breakfast Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Whole Wheat Roasted Strawberry Muffins featuring T.E. O’Toole Farms

Roasted Strawberry Muffins-1

I’ve written a lot about eating and incorporating more whole grain foods into our diets on my blog. Unfortunately, I think most people don’t enjoy whole grain breads or baked goods as much as refined grains. I hope this recipe changes that. These whole wheat muffins are delicious and also utilize all whole grain flour and some yummy roasted strawberries! Today we are hearing from another fellow North Dakotan, Brian of T.E. O’Toole Farms in Crystal, North Dakota. You’re going to love…

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