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Appetizers Canning Recipes

Old Fashioned Corn Relish


Hi my name is Jenny and I am addicted to canning. No joke I think I have nine different kinds of jam in my pantry. And let’s not even get into pickled items…  Last year when our sweet corn patch was going full force, a family friend of ours brought us a jar of corn relish she made from the sweet corn we gave her. She said it was her mother’s recipe and remembered eating it as a young girl.…

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Bounty on the Blackfoot at The Resort at Paws Up


In the novel Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck writes: “I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” And if you’ve ever been to Montana, I am sure you know exactly what Steinbeck is talking about. The mountains are picturesque, there is vast rangeland, the rivers are abundant… Much of Montana is just like a postcard. I…

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Drinks & Cocktails Recipes

Thyme-Vodka Lemonade


In my wrap-up of our Great Canadian Harley trip, I shared about my love for Park Distillery in Banff, Alberta.  Not only do they craft some great spirits, their cocktail menu is so creative, the atmosphere is perfection, and the employees are super friendly. We had an amazing time enjoying some drinks, chatting with the bartenders, and taking in the atmosphere while in Banff. I tried one of their mocktails, a thyme lemonade utilizing a thyme simple syrup. How clever is that!? Being…

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Great Canadian Harley Trip


If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably become aware that the hubby and I love to take some pretty epic Harley trips. After all, we spent nearly a week on the Harley after our wedding, we took the Harley out to California last year, and this year we decided to explore up in Canada. For living so close to Canada now, I personally have never been up there. I have lots and lots of Canadian…

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Desserts How-to Videos Recipes

Classic Peach Crisp (with How-to Video)


Summer has officially come to an end and while I love fall, I am not ready to let summer go yet. I am still soaking up every last ray of sunshine and every last dish coming out of my kitchen that screams summer. I made BLTs the other night and I also had a box of peaches that was just calling to be made into crisps!  If there is hands down one fruit I could eat every day for the…

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Love Story & Marriage

Like Leather. Year Three.

Like Leather. Year Three. - Prairie Californian

Today Sunflowerfarmer and I celebrate our third year married. Many of you who have followed this relationship from the beginning will be like wow, three!? I know, we are right there with you. Apparently time flies when you are having fun. Last year I wrote about how I’ve enjoyed giving traditional gifts and really taking some time to contemplate the meaning behind them. Year Three is leather. And I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit. Leather is known for…

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Main Courses Pressure Cooking Recipes

Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Classic Pulled Pork-4

So, I have been eyeing from afar an electric pressure cooker for some time. My friend and inspiration, Chef Alli, is a huge proponent of them and she shares several recipes and kitchen hacks using her beloved “R2D2”. Flash forward to about a month ago, Amazon Prime had the Instant Pot half off. I made the leap, purchased the pressure cooker, and it sat in my garage for another two weeks, in the box while I had nightmares of blowing up…

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Canning Recipes

Spicy Taqueria Carrots and Potatoes

Spicy Taqueria Pickled Carrots-6

Back in California, what we call “Taco Wagons” reign supreme and are pretty much the best things ever! Taco Wagons were popular before Food Trucks became all the rage, serving up dollar tacos as well as the best burritos and chimichangas EVER! I think every time we visit California, I eat from the taco wagon pretty much like 3 times in one week. I’ve got to get my fix while I can. The garnish on top of your plate of tacos…

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Appetizers Canning Recipes

Balsamic Figs

Balsamic Figs-2

Fresh figs aren’t something I typically find in the grocery store around here in the Midwest. Luckily I have hookups on the West Coast that love to send me things like fresh figs, citrus, and other California delights. You may remember Megan of The Beef Jar when I featured her Pickled Blueberries recipe several weeks ago? She shares a love obsession of all things canning and preserving. I was green with envy over the photos of her fresh figs she’s been…

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Agriculture Advocacy North Dakota

North Dakota Banquet in a Field

North Dakota Banquet in a Field - Prairie Californian

I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity of attending the annual North Dakota CommonGround Banquet in a Field last week. If you are unfamiliar with CommonGround, it is a group of Ag-related women who volunteer their time to foster conversations about how food is grown. Women volunteers share their personal stories and connections to agriculture and in doing so demonstrate we all have CommonGround when it comes to the food we put on our tables.  This event is truly a farm to…

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