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Sweet Corn Chile Chowder (1)

Sweet Corn Chile Chowder

By On August 25, 2015

This weekend, our weather took a dip in temperature and suddenly it felt very much like fall. I tried to fight saying goodbye to summer, but eventually I gave in… It helped that… Read More

MJ House
Building Our Home

Building a Home: A New Chapter

By On August 24, 2015

It’s almost been a month. One month since we moved out of our bachelor pad house and into our forever home. It has almost been one year since we started on this… Read More

Facts about corn
Crop of the Month

Why Corn?

By On August 13, 2015

Corn seems to be the crop we always throw stones at. Either we’re growing too much corn or farmers are becoming too rich off of growing corn or corn is the devil… Read More

Poblano Corn Fritters - Prairie Californian (1)

Poblano Corn Fritters

By On August 12, 2015

I picked up some poblanos a couple weeks ago and I’ve throwing around ideas on how to use them. I always find them in recipes whenever I don’t have them on hand.… Read More

Salsa Verde Soy Breakfast Skillet - Prairie Californian

Salsa Verde Soy Breakfast Skillet

By On August 4, 2015

Well we are coming to an end of our soybean feature during my Crop of the Month series, next we will move onto corn and corn-related recipes!  As I’ve been going through… Read More

Wild Rice and Edamame Sriracha Salad

Wild Rice and Edamame Sriracha Salad

By On July 28, 2015

As I am experimenting more and more with soy products during my Crop of the Month series, I am finding more and more uses for them. Really, shelled edamame can be added… Read More

Soybean Growth Stages
Crop of the Month

Soybean Growth Stages

By On July 22, 2015

I hope you all have been enjoying the Crop of the Month posts! Many of you enjoyed the wheat growth stages post I wrote so I wanted to do the same for… Read More

Flour Tortilla Soft Soy Tacos with Sweet

Flour Tortilla Soft Soy Tacos with Sweet Potatoes

By On July 21, 2015

Continuing my journey into soy foods, I discovered a product called textured soy protein (TSP) or sometimes it is called textured vegetable protein (TVP). In a nutshell, TSP is a defatted soy… Read More

Saying Goodbye to Our Bachelor Pad
Building Our Home

Saying Goodbye to Our Bachelor Pad

By On July 16, 2015

This last weekend, we moved everything out of our old house, lovingly referred to by me as our bachelor pad. And moved into our new house, our forever home. I looked at… Read More

Soybean Facts
Crop of the Month

Soybeans: The Miracle Bean

By On July 15, 2015

Soybeans. What comes to mind when you think of soybeans? For me it is typically tofu. Today, soybeans are the United States’ second largest crop in cash sales and the number one… Read More