Using Photography to Tell Your Story: Photography Q&A

Using Photography to Tell Your Story: Photography Q&A

Last week I started a series that will span the next several weeks and it will teach you all about photography. In celebration of kicking off the new series and to get an idea of what people are wanting to learn about, I hosted a photography Q&A last weekend. It was done via Google Hangouts Live which are my new favorite thing. Google Hangouts Live are actually broadcast live on Google Plus but the cool thing about them is that they are also recorded and eventually sent to your Youtube once the hangout is closed. I hope to use Google Hangouts Live more often as the functionality of them totally rocks and plus they are so much fun to be able to get so many people together at once! 

A few ladies hopped on to join me and pick my brain about photography. If you missed it and are really interested in learning more about photography, I hope you will take the time to watch the video. I basically ramble on and on about anything and everything photography. In the Q&A we talk about effective ways to prep your images for blogging, we talk aperture and shutter speed, we talk about gear, lenses, reflectors… And so much more!

All of the topics talked about in the Q&A will be covered in depth and detail over the next few weeks so I hope you stay tuned for that. Later on this week I will be talking Photography Basics. If there is something you would like me to cover or a specific question you have, please don’t hesitate to contact me. And I will do my best to address it in the appropriate post. 

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  1. Sarah Dashiell
    January 15, 2014 / 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the video! One of these days I will be able to watch when you are live. I have been researching editing programs and was leaning toward Lightroom. Thanks for going over it! I currently use Panasonic silkypix which came with my camera (a Panasonic FZ40) it is a good program but can only be used with Panasonic cameras. I don’t have the fanciest camera but I love my Panasonics! They are quick to focus and are able to take multiple pics pretty fast if you are in a hurry to capture that “perfect” moment (I’m impatient if I have to wait for the camera to recover between shots). Besides I’ve put my smaller camera through some major abuse over the years and it still works (learning to ski…and crashing, snowmobiling, hiking and many other dirt adventures) I’m looking forward to your next post! Thanks again.