Faith Friday: I Have Wisdom in the Lord

Faith Friday: I Have Wisdom in the Lord

Three weeks ago I started something new here called Faith Fridays. I’ve continued to read through Sun Stand Still by pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. And I am constantly putting the book down on fire, empowered, and just in awe the potential that audacious faith can have on our lives. 

What is audacious faith? I explained it  here and give a great quote from the book. This week I’d like to share another excerpt that hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Because when you get down to it, they are no different from you and me: full of fear, plagued by sin, and riddled with insecurity. What makes world-changing Christians unique, audacious, and powerful isn’t there perfection. It’s their understanding of God’s perfect nature and purposes in the world. This God is someone worth taking risks for. This God is someone worth praying Sun Stand Still prayers to. What these men and women of faith believe and experience firsthand about God drives them to settle for nothing less than extraordinary faith. And in the same way, what you believe about God will directly determine the legacy of your faith and your impact on the world for the Glory of God.” 

Just let that sink in. Wow. Do you settle for nothing less than extraordinary faith? 

In the book, Steven talks about Twelve Faith Confessions and how hearing the Word initiates our faith, speaking the Word activates our faith, and finally doing the Word demonstrates faith. These twelve Faith confessions will help us do just that. They are based off of comprehensive teachings of God’s word. And I love all twelve of them. Every Friday I will be sharing a new one. 

This week we re-assure ourselves that we have all the wisdom we will ever need in the Lord. Every decision we make in this life, God will be with us. He will guide us in all our choices. How comforting is that? To know we have a trusted advisor that is with us during every turn? 

 It is my hope that you will print it off, you will post it somewhere where you will see it every day. I plan to put mine in my bathroom. On the mirror. And as I look in the mirror every morning for a week, I will speak God’s word to me. 

So welcome again to Faith Friday. I hope you will find your audacious faith with me! 


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