What I’ve Been Cooking…

If you follow me via Twitter or Facebook it’s no surprise to you that I regularly share the food I make. I love food. I love cooking food. I love finding new combinations of food. I love trying new things. I am constantly looking in magazines, online, Pinterest, and my old cookbooks for new things to add to my list of favorites! I guess since I am always sharing about food on social media, people use me as a source for recipes and ideas of what to cook. So I figured I’d start something new on here and share with you what I’ve been cooking.  So here you go.. From our home to yours! (p.s. clicking the photos will link you to the recipes!)

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole: image Courtesy Picky Palate

I found this recipe via Pinterest and right away knew I had to try it. I absolutely LOVE chicken and wild rice soup so this is something that you can eat when it’s hot out that isn’t soup but has the same flavor profile. I fell in love with this dish. It was rather intensive to get everything all ready for it, but in my book, oh so worth it! And surprise here, EVEN my farmer liked it! It will be going into the recipe box to try again.

Grilled Corn Salsa: Image Courtesy My New Roots

I’ve been wanting to try a corn salsa with all this sweet corn around! I found this recipe online just by doing a Google Search for grilled corn salsa. It looked good. I omitted a few things like the avocados, not by choice! Here on the rural prairies of North Dakota I couldn’t find some avocados I was crazy about. Also the grocery store was out of cilantro, bummer. But even without those two ingredients this salsa was out of this world yummy! My farmer wasn’t too thrilled about it (the sweet corn lured him in). But he isn’t really a red onion or red bell pepper fan. The recipe called for grilling the veggies on the bbq but I simply grilled them in a pan. I made this salsa to serve in some fajita burritos. Our own little taste of Mexico here on the prairie.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake: Image Courtesy Recipe Girl

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a Red Velvet cake for some time now. And well I figured it’s about time. I found this recipe originally via Pinterest. But the link wasn’t working SO I searched and found it. The lure of this cake was how pretty it is! Could you imagine this as your standout piece for Christmas or New Years!? This cake was extremely rich. And I’ll be honest, it scared me to death attempting this. BUT I did it and I must say, it wasn’t too awful bad. Cakes are just so labor intensive. Call me an over achiever if you want but I get the greatest sense of accomplishment by tackling things like this! I loved this cake, it was moist and the cheesecake in the middle was the icing on this cake! (no pun intended!) My farmer loves any and all sweets.. He ate it but he wasn’t thrilled with the red velvet part. Next time this will just be a chocolate or white cake with cheesecake in the middle.

Pulled Pork Sliders with Coleslaw: Image Courtesy Williams Sonoma

Seriously who doesn’t absolutely LOVE pulled pork!? And it’s so easy! I originally came across this recipe in the William Sonoma magazine but found it online and pinned it so I can always find it! I put this recipe in the crock pot instead of the oven. I also add a can/bottle of beer to it. It’s just my own personal opinion that slow cooked meat comes out so much more tender when you add alcohol like beer or wine. So all my stews, roasts, pulled pork, briskets, etc. get some form of beer or wine in them. This recipe is no exception. It’s simple and delicious and paired with some homemade coleslaw, you can’t go wrong! This is one of a few pulled pork recipes I cook. You just can’t have enough ways to make pulled pork!

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells: Image Courtesy The Pioneer Woman

This recipe is courtesy of my favorite Rockin Rural Woman, the Pioneer Woman! Of course I’m a sucker for any good pasta! And this is no exception. I’ve made this recipe several times and every single time it’s like heaven. And plus it’s fairly easy to make and makes a lot! My farmer loved this recipe except next time he wants me to use cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese, which is how I make my lasagna. Easier for me, ricotta cheese isn’t readily accessible here on the prairies of North Dakota.

Peach Pie: Image Courtesy Smitten Kitchen

I am proud to announce that this was my first ever pie! And although it wasn’t as pretty as this picture here. It was amazingly delicious and took all the “scary” out of baking a pie. I’ve avoided pies since I begun baking because I thought they would be terrifyingly difficult to make. This recipe made it easy and it was super delicious. This crust recipe came out flaky and perfect. First ever pie, success!

So there you go.. That’s what has been cooking in our kitchen here on the prairie. Feel free to follow my Pinterest recipe board: http://pinterest.com/jdewey/recipes/ and stay tuned for what else I will be cooking up!


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