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Crop of the Month Farming Harvest Sunflowers

Harvesting Sunflowers

The number one question we get asked about sunflowers is how do you harvest them? So how do you harvest sunflowers? It is hard to believe that our sunflowers go from looking like this in August: To this by late October: Harvesting Sunflowers We harvest sunflowers with a combine (harvester) that has a specialty sunflower header attached to it. This header we have retrofitted with modified lifters that attach onto the snouts. This helps pick up any sunflowers that may…

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Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage Planting

Five Tips for Farm Wives to Make It Through Farming Season

This week my husband looked at me and said the sentence I dread every single year: “You aren’t going to see me much this week.” To a farm wife, those words signal that a new season is beginning. And I know when he says this week, he means in the next couple months. A new season on the farm starts with planting and ends with harvest. And for those of us who have lived it, there’s some rough transitions in between.  I’ve…

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Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage Planting

Realities of Being a Farm Wife

It doesn’t matter where you go, there are certain realities that all farm wives face on a seasonal basis. Some of them are easier to deal with than others. Some of them may not be as big of a deal to some. The fact is many of these things are realities for farm wives across the country.    There will be times you just have to say NO. Weddings, conferences, social events. There’s certain times of the year you simply…

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Farming Harvest Sunflowers

Sunflower Questions Answered – Part 2

Thank you all, again, for the questions! You asked some GREAT questions about sunflowers! My husband and I enjoy the opportunity to share with you one of our favorite crops we grow on the farm! We hope that through this Q&A you will have learned something new about sunflowers and how they grow!  How do sunflowers pollinate? Sunflowers require a pollinator (bees) to move pollen from one flower to another. Unlike corn and other crops, very little pollination is accomplished…

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Agriculture Advocacy Farming Harvest North Dakota Soybeans

North Dakota Soybeans: From Field to Harvest

Did you know it only takes soybeans about a week to ten days after being planted before they begin to emerge..? These soybeans were planted with that same machine we saw planting the wheat from this post.. A drill! Basically what it does it deposit a seed and some fertilizer in the soil in measured increments. Distance between rows as well as between each plant is important and the drill allows for that distance to remain consistent while planting acre upon…

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Family Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage North Dakota

Nobody Ever Said Loving a Farmer Was Easy…

Corn harvest started last week and I will admit, I wasn’t prepared for it. My farmer had told me that when corn harvest starts, it’s common for him to not come home until midnight or even sometimes later. At the time, I thought, what’s 2 hours…? I’ve successfully made it through nights where I didn’t see hide nor hair of my farmer until 10 p.m., I can do midnight… Well, I did, for about a week.. And then it happened..…

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Farming Harvest North Dakota Wheat

North Dakota Spring Wheat Harvest Video!

 I am proud to announce that spring wheat harvest is officially complete! Remember this post where I talk about harvest, combines, and grain carts? Well what better way to celebrate completion of harvest than with a VIDEO!? While out shooting many of the photos you saw in the last post, I also shot some video.. This is a new thing for me. I figured out how my camera films video so I figured I’d give it a go. Check it…

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Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage North Dakota Wheat

North Dakota Spring Wheat Harvest

Well, spring wheat harvest here in North Dakota has begun! Now for those of you who have no idea what goes into harvesting a crop.. Let me set the stage here. The wheat we begun harvesting is Spring Wheat, which basically means it was planted well, in the spring! It was planted in April of this year using this… This is called a drill and it is used for planting wheat as well as soybeans and even sometimes sunflowers.. Basically what…

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