Thirty Days of Food Introduction

Thirty Days of Food Introduction

It is common for many bloggers across the nation to participate in a Thirty Day Blogging Challenge once a year. Holly of Dakota Farmer & Farm Progress took the challenge up a notch.. Agricultural blogging for thirty days. Since I love food and I love agriculture, I figured.. Why not put the two together? 


For the entire month of November, I will be sharing one recipe a day which will highlight a feature ingredient. Along with the recipe, I will also feature a farmer, rancher, or producer who grows that featured ingredient. I’ve got dairy farmers, nut farmers, pork producers, and everything else in between! 

If this is something that interests you, I hope you will hang around for all this food and farming for the next thirty days! And feel free to share anything I post!

How Can You Follow Along?

I’m glad you asked! There are a few ways! 

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  • I have created a page for this series, you can find it here: THIRTY DAYS OF FOOD
  • I have also put a link to that page on my homepage. On the right hand sidebar, under my Subscribe box. Simply click on it and you can browse all the recipes I will share throughout the month! 
  • If neither of those are your style, you can always Follow Prairie Californian on Facebook or Twitter.

Thirty Days of Food Sidebar

I’ve already cooked up an entire WEEK of recipes for you all! I cannot wait to share them as well as share the wonderful stories of these farmers! 

To see what other Ag bloggers will be writing about for Thirty Days, you can visit Holly’s site