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Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage Planting

Five Tips for Farm Wives to Make It Through Farming Season

This week my husband looked at me and said the sentence I dread every single year: “You aren’t going to see me much this week.” To a farm wife, those words signal that a new season is beginning. And I know when he says this week, he means in the next couple months. A new season on the farm starts with planting and ends with harvest. And for those of us who have lived it, there’s some rough transitions in between.  I’ve…

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Family Farming

The Farm Refreshes My Soul

 I will be honest, although I write quite a bit about being married to a farmer and it may seem like I have it all figured out.. I don’t. By far I don’t. Every day is a new experience with it’s own challenges. And at the end of the day, I am still human, I still struggle, I still stumble. Life and marriage is, without a doubt, a journey. It’s full of ups and downs, passion and pain, joy and…

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Why Do Farmers Check Fields…?

This last weekend, my farmer’s pickup pulled into the driveway on a Sunday afternoon. Unannounced to me, he flew in the house and asked if I wanted to go check fields with him. Immediately this made my heart swell because he knows: a. how much I love being with him, b. how much I love to get out and explore with my camera, and c. I, too, like to keep progress on how our crops are doing! So I threw…

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Corn Farming Planting Soybeans Sunflowers Wheat

What Type of Equipment Do Farmers Use to Plant?

Did you know that two different pieces of equipment are needed for us to get all of our planting done? Choosing the right piece of equipment for any given farming job is not always easy. Soybean, small grains (like wheat), and corn growers can share many different pieces of equipment. For example, last year during harvest I explained about how we use a combine (or harvester) to get the job done. And no matter what crop you are harvesting, the…

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Do Farmers Have Choices?

  There seems to be a consensus going around that farmers have no choice when it comes to the seed they choose to plant. Or if they do have a choice, large corporations like Monsanto force it upon them. And if anybody tries to voice their opinion and let the farmer’s themselves speak upon their choices, the individual suddenly becomes a pawn for Monsanto. Okay so the above example may be a little extreme. Doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it…

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