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Cranberry White Chocolate Scones featuring Cassander Gilmore & Ben Richards


There are these white chocolate and cranberry scones that are my favorite when I go to my favorite fancy coffee shop in the city. So, when Cassander & Ben got ahold of me to feature cranberries, I knew I need to recreate them so I could enjoy them from the comforts of home! These scones were even a favorite of the husband’s too, much to my surprise! Today we get to hear more from these cranberry growers from Massachusetts. CASSANDER GILMORE & BEN…

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Drinks & Cocktails Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Honey Sage Whisky Cocktail featuring Neale Family Farms


This summer was my first time growing a garden and with that garden I also grew a patch of various herbs. Some of the herbs did really well and some did poor. My sage plant grew like crazy! And then I was left wondering what in the world was I going to do with all that sage!? I got the idea to make simple syrups out of all my herbs to use in cocktails. I shared a recipe for a…

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Recipes Soups & Stews Thirty Days of Food

Cauliflower and Chestnut Soup featuring Theresa Freund


I always love when I can find unique ingredients that have never before been featuring during Thirty Days of Food and today I have one of those: chestnuts!! I am not super familiar with chestnuts outside of that Christmas song we all love about them roasting on a fire, so I was excited to experiment and try something new. I paired them with cauliflower in a soup and melted some smoked gouda in at the end. Holy yum! Today Theresa…

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Main Courses Pressure Cooking Recipes Thirty Days of Food

French Dip Sandwiches featuring Katelyn Dynneson


Our next feature hails from the land of wide open spaces, gorgeous mountain views, and of course cattle. In case you aren’t putting two and two together I mean Montana! It is no secret that the hubs and I LOVE Montana, cue “Meet Me in Montana” playing… When I think Montana, I think ranching. It is iconic, it is classic, and it has been an industry that is alive and well throughout Montana for generations. I decided to share a classic…

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Breakfast Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Homemade Berry Pop Tarts featuring Lorin Fahrmeier


Ever come across a food that takes you back to childhood? Pop tarts are something I think as a kid I could have eaten every morning, if only Mom would have let me! These homemade pop tarts are made fresh and so much better than the ones I ate as a kid. They can be made using a store bought pie crust or you can make your own! Either way, they are fantastic. Lorin joins us today to talk growing produce…

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Main Courses Pressure Cooking Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Cherry Cola Pulled Pork featuring Amanda Carlson


Is there anything better than pulled pork?? I love a good pulled pork plate or sandwich and will order it on almost any menu. One of the reasons I love pork shoulders is because they are so universal and can be used for a variety of things. You can cook one and use it for a variety of dishes throughout the week. And this recipe for Cherry Cola Braised Pork is the perfect example of that! Today I feature a pork producer…

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Recipes Sides Thirty Days of Food

Jalapeno Cream Corn featuring Marybeth Feutz of My Fearless Kitchen


I had the pleasure of meeting Marybeth during our Taste 15 tour with Best Food Facts. Marybeth is a jill of all trades: she is a veterinarian, she and her husband raise beef cattle, they grow a very large garden full of produce like tomatoes and sweet corn, and she’s mommy to a very active little boy. Marybeth shares her love of food and farming over at her blog and online community My Fearless Kitchen. She answers common kitchen and food…

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Appetizers Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Honey Goat Cheese Crostini with Pickled Blueberries featuring Stephanie Rovey


I, personally, love goat cheese. But I’ve found that goat cheese for most is an acquired taste. It can be tart and not everyone enjoys that. Hopefully this recipe will tame down some of that tanginess that can come with it and add a little sweet into the mix. Top it with some pickled blueberries and you’ve got an appetizer that looks fancy but is in reality simple! Today we’ve got Stephanie with us. What started out as a 4-H…

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Main Courses Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Hot Pepper Burger featuring Alison McGrew


One of my favorite places in the whole country is the Black Hills of South Dakota. The hubby and I typically make several trips there a year, most of which are on the Harley. This last time we were there, we stopped at the Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. to enjoy some supper. Right when I opened the menu, I knew what I needed to try. They had a burger they called The Hot Granny which included jalapenos, cream…

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Appetizers Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Honey Buffalo Popcorn featuring Brian Scott of The Farmer’s Life


Today I welcome a familiar face to Thirty Days of Food. Brian of The Farmer’s Life has cultivated a presence for himself and his farming operation online. He has a knack for compiling fun and informational UAV videos on Facebook as well as writing about some pretty hot topics in Agriculture over on his blog. Brian grows popcorn in Indiana and today he shares with us about technology and life on the farm, I share a recipe for this fantastic…

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