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Agriculture Advocacy North Dakota

North Dakota Banquet in a Field

I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity of attending the annual North Dakota CommonGround Banquet in a Field last week. If you are unfamiliar with CommonGround, it is a group of Ag-related women who volunteer their time to foster conversations about how food is grown. Women volunteers share their personal stories and connections to agriculture and in doing so demonstrate we all have CommonGround when it comes to the food we put on our tables.  This event is truly a farm to…

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North Dakota

Ashley: A Town Doesn’t Make Itself, The People Do

Recently our little town here on the prairie was the talk of a local North Dakota talk show on KFGO. On the show, Daniel Gunderson was discussing all the reasons why a person wouldn’t apply for a job opening in Ashley. It wasn’t a hit at Ashley, specifically, more-so a narrative on all the reasons why nobody wants to live in a small town.  It is true, Ashley is a small town and if you’ve ever lived in a small town, you…

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North Dakota Photography

North Dakota State Capitol & Governor’s Photo Contest

Growing up outside of North Dakota, I didn’t get your typical visit the North Dakota State Capitol field trips like everyone else who is local to here. I’ve made several trips to Bismarck, even done some business in DOT office which is connect to the Capitol building. But I never really got to see the grandeur located inside of our Capitol building here in North Dakota.  I will be honest, the outside of our Capitol leaves much to be desired…

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Faith North Dakota

Johannestal Church: Never Say No to God

If there is one thing I love about our small town in North Dakota, it is the heritage they hold onto here. The recipes, the stories, the memories of the struggles that the people here on these prairies experienced to settle here and form families of generations. Holding onto those traditions and sharing those stories before they are lost to a new generation is something that this area in North Dakota does well.  Two weeks ago, I had one of those experiences.…

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Love Story & Marriage North Dakota

Things I Have Learned Since Moving to North Dakota…

Two years ago I stood at the Sacramento Airport with a one way ticket in my hand. One way ticket that put me in Bismarck, North Dakota. My parents gave me tearful hugs and I tried to hold back my tears as I said goodbye to calling California home. California was all I had ever known.. And this one way ticket in my hand was the boldest, bravest step I had ever taken in my life.  Two years ago today,…

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North Dakota Recipes Sides

Lazy Cheese Buttons

I have a confession to make… I have an addiction. An addiction with old cookbooks. Whenever I come across a used book store or book section in an antique store, cookbooks are the first thing I look for. I have found some awesome treasures throughout my searching. There’s honestly nothing better than a cookbook that begins with explaining my duties as a wife during the 1950’s. 😉  It is no secret that we don’t cook like we used to. And…

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Farming North Dakota Weather

There’s a First Time For Everything: Tornado Warning. Check.

Since I moved to North Dakota, my list of “firsts” has increased exponentially. I mean it only makes since that North Dakota and California don’t share very many similarities, I would be experiencing all sorts of new things. But last night took the cake on my lists of firsts. Last night we had a tornado warning.  Some of y’all who live in tornado country are like “PSH, no big deal… we live through that many times in a year.” And you…

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North Dakota Social Media

Refreshing My Passion for North Dakota

Forest Gump really had it right. Life really is like a box of chocolates.. You never really know what you are going to get. You never really know what sort of chocolate you will be popping into your mouth. There are caramels, nuts, fillings, fudge… But in the end, no matter what chocolate you pick, it never fails that you walk away pleasantly surprised about what’s on the inside. That was last week for me.    Last week I attended…

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Farming Love Story & Marriage North Dakota Social Media

Finding the Silver Lining

Often times those of us blogging about agriculture get criticized for continuing the stigma of “romanticizing” the farm life. When my last post went literally viral and made it onto the Huffington Post. I had a few people who criticized my sunshine outlook on farm life. The truth is, they are right. Sometimes we do romanticize farm life. Want to know why we do it? We do it because if you don’t find that shiny silver lining in the small…

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Farming Love Story & Marriage North Dakota

10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life…

When I fell in love with my (NOW) husband, I never imagined what our life would look like on a day to day basis. I had an idea it would be hard, I’d be spending a lot of time alone, and that it was bound to be unpredictable. Being married is a feat in and of itself, being married to a farmer adds a whole other layer.  There is no denying the fact that our relationship is an adventure. Just…

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