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Desserts Recipes

Mixed Berry Cobbler

Berry Cobbler-2

Last weekend, we got one gorgeous day. The sunshine was out, the birds were chirping. It really felt like spring. And in celebration, I decided to make a berry cobbler. Something about cobbler screams warmer weather to me. Like summer and enjoying sunshine on the back porch while you grill. Or maybe it was hormones and I just wanted to be fat and happy. Either way, a mixed berry cobbler I made!  Now the thing about cobblers is that it seems…

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Desserts Recipes

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake-1

Besides chocolate chip cookies, my husband’s favorite dessert is hands down cheesecake. Now usually I make my Grandma Nonny’s easy cheesecake because quite honestly the idea of a regular cheesecake seemed like too much work. I mean, it requires a special pan and everything!? Well apparently I got a wild hair the other weekend and decided to make a New York Style Cheesecake… What makes it New York Style? I have not a clue. But this was the real deal…

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Dakota Kuchen

Dakota Kuchen-1

If you think back to when you used to visit grandma’s house as a child, I am sure grandma always had some special kind of dessert for you. Whether it be some sort of cookie, brownie, or cake. For children who grew up in Germans from Russia households, that special treat is kuchen, pronounced “ku-gen”, which is the German word for cake. Kuchen is a rich custard dessert with fruit poured into a sweet dough for the crust.  Kuchen is…

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I’m in LOVE… With my KitchenAid Mixer!


My first ever baking experience was thanks to my dear ole Daddy. I was somewhere around age 4 or 5 and home sick from preschool with pink eye. Being the amazing Daddy that he is, my Dad stayed home with me and guess what we did, we baked cookies. Now upon my Dad telling me we were going to bake cookies, being the bright four (or five year old) I was, I told him, “you don’t make cookies, Daddy, you…

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Recipes What I've Been Cooking

What I’ve Been Cooking…

If you follow me via Twitter or Facebook it’s no surprise to you that I regularly share the food I make. I love food. I love cooking food. I love finding new combinations of food. I love trying new things. I am constantly looking in magazines, online, Pinterest, and my old cookbooks for new things to add to my list of favorites! I guess since I am always sharing about food on social media, people use me as a source…

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