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Breads Crop of the Month Recipes

Sunflower Bread

Well… we’ve finally made it through Crop of the Month! We began months ago with wheat, soybeans, corn, and finally sunflowers. It has been such a blast sharing informative blog posts and recipes related to the four crops we grow on our farm.  This week I finish up with a sunflower bread. I don’t know about you, but I love whole grain or nut breads. I love the crunch whole seeds or grains adds to the soft texture. This bread was…

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Crop of the Month Farming Harvest Sunflowers

Harvesting Sunflowers

The number one question we get asked about sunflowers is how do you harvest them? So how do you harvest sunflowers? It is hard to believe that our sunflowers go from looking like this in August: To this by late October: Harvesting Sunflowers We harvest sunflowers with a combine (harvester) that has a specialty sunflower header attached to it. This header we have retrofitted with modified lifters that attach onto the snouts. This helps pick up any sunflowers that may…

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Crop of the Month Farming Sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers

Last week I talked about the different types of sunflowers that are grown across the nation. This week I want to talk about how we grow sunflowers on our farm. We get many different questions in regards to our sunflowers so I hope to address some of the most commonly asked questions throughout this post.  What kind of sunflowers do you plant? We plant an oil variety of sunflower called NuSun Clearfield Hybrid with Downy Mildew Resistance Trait. Basically what this…

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Breads Breakfast Canning Crop of the Month Recipes

Sunflower Nutella

Last week for my Crop of the Month series, I featured a recipe utilizing a product called SunButter. This week, I am sharing a homemade sunbutter with flair. I am hands down a Nutella lover. Give me a spoon and a jar of it and I’m good. If you’re a Nutella lover like I am, you’ll love this recipe. I was amazed at how simple and quick it was to make. And the recipe yielded a fair amount of Sunflower Nutella. …

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Crop of the Month Farming Sunflowers

Types of Sunflowers

Throughout this series, I’ve talked a lot about why we grow the four crops we do and how we cycle through our crop rotation. I’ve shared about how we grow these crops because we have the opportunity to do so. Planting a variety of crops for our operation lowers our risk. It lowers our risk because our area we can have a great short season and a bad long season or vice versa. In turn, we utilize a variety of short…

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Breakfast Crop of the Month Recipes

SunButter Granola Bars

We have made it to our fourth and final crop for my Crop of the Month series! This one is one of my favorites simply because they are just so beautiful…  Yep our fourth crop is sunflowers! I cannot wait to share with you more about sunflowers. It seems that sunflowers are the crop we get asked the most questions about so I will be sure to address many of the commonly asked questions.  I’ve been having a lot of…

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Corn Crop of the Month Recipes Sides

Freezing Sweet Corn

If any of you know my husband, you know his love for sweet corn. If you don’t happen to know my husband, let me tell you… eating upwards of four cobs of corn is not anything surprising in our household. He quite literally is a sweet corn monster. So what that relates to is normally we plant two to four patches of sweet corn between our house, our farm, and our business. So at any given time in the summer,…

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Crop of the Month Recipes Soups & Stews

Sweet Corn Chile Chowder

This weekend, our weather took a dip in temperature and suddenly it felt very much like fall. I tried to fight saying goodbye to summer, but eventually I gave in… It helped that I got my boots out which have been hibernating over the summer. As much as I love summer here on the prairie, I think I love fall even more. In my kitchen, fall means the beginnings of soup season!  We are literally up in ears with sweet corn right…

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Corn Crop of the Month Farming

Why Corn?

Corn seems to be the crop we always throw stones at. Either we’re growing too much corn or farmers are becoming too rich off of growing corn or corn is the devil because most of what is planted in the United States is biotech corn. Whatever the argument against corn is, let’s start with the history. The facts of how and why corn made it to the United States. And what the heck is all this corn used for?  Why…

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Appetizers Crop of the Month Farming Recipes

Poblano Corn Fritters

I picked up some poblanos a couple weeks ago and I’ve throwing around ideas on how to use them. I always find them in recipes whenever I don’t have them on hand. Finally have them on hand and bam, no ideas. Isn’t that how it always works?  If you’ve been following my Crop of the Month series, I’ve been cooking and writing through all four crops we grow here on the farm. Last month was all about soybeans. I’ve made…

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