Welcome to 30 Skincare Routine

Welcome to 30 Skincare Routine
I have lucky to have been blessed with great skin most of my life. As a teenager I didn’t battle with much chronic acne like some teens do. And even now, my complexion remains consistent. Sure I get a pimple here and there, but I don’t seem to have too many serious issues. Now I know this may come as a shock but…. since I have had such great skin, I haven’t ever been dedicated to any skincare regime. I have avoided it all at costs most of my life. It just seemed like too much work and if my skin was already pretty good, why go through all the trouble? In fact, a lot of times I didn’t even make washing my face a habit at nights. I slept in my makeup more times than I could count throughout the years. *CRINGE*
However, since turning 30 AND having a baby, things have changed. I was fortunate that pregnancy kept my skin glowing and without any blemishes, but the minute that baby popped out hormones took over and have been doing a number on my skin since after baby. I figured it was time to bite the bullet, put my big girl panties on, and adopt a skincare routine.
As with my makeup routine, it is hard for me to try new things. Once I find something that works and that I like, I stick with it. However, recently I made a few new purchases to add to the routine that I have slowly been including. So right now I am using a hybrid of several products I own along with some new products, but I am loving a lot of the new purchases.
I figured I would share my routine and my favorites with you all as many of you have been commenting on how “glowy” I look post-partum. I swear, y’all are TOO KIND! Makeup and skincare can do wonders for you! Even as a sleep deprived Momma with a newborn!
I will be honest, some of the products are affordable and give you a great bang for your buck. And some of the products are on the spendy side, but I guess you only given one chance to take care of your skin, may as well make it count. And in case you are wondering, my skin is combination skin. I tend to get oily in my t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) so this routine is recommended for that. If you don’t tend to get oily, you can skip one of the toner! 


Morning Routine

I keep this cleanser from Philosophy in my shower. It is a great all around cleanser for everyday use. And I really enjoy the products from Philosophy. They make great, affordable skincare products. If I end up in the shower in the mornings, I use this. Otherwise if I end up showering at night, I’ll use it then. If I am not in the shower I use the cleansing oil I share below. 

I haven’t used a toner for years because I always remembered it being this very drying and harsh product. Avoiding ingredients like alcohol in toners make for a much more mild way to re-balance your skin. Since my t-zone tends to be oily, I picked up this Resurfacing Gel from Tula and use it day and night. I am extremely happy with the results from it. 




For moisturizer, I have used the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer for years, it is amazing for the daytime. It is not too heavy and invigorating in the morning with its’ citrus scent. It’s been my go-to for a long time. But I recently started using this Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer I received in a gift pack at my baby shower and I am shocked at the results! It also isn’t too heavy and I swear I’ve seen much more even skin tone since using this! 

Eye Cream

Eye cream was the first thing I added back into my skincare routine, especially since I’ve become a mom. HELLOOO lack of sleep! For right now, I use this GinZing refreshing eye cream from Origins. I actually love the entire GinZing line from Origins, they put out great products. Another bang for your buck product! 




Nighttime Routine 

Remove Makeup
When it comes to removing my makeup, I like to do it in the easiest way possible. I am not big on “washing my face” so whatever takes my makeup off in a quick and easy way, I am on board for. I like using these makeup remover cloths. They work awesome, even on long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascara. If I am lazy at night, these make it easy to at least take my makeup off before going to bed.
It sounded completely crazy to me at first, cleansing oil when I have an oily t-zone!? But this totally works amazing! The idea behind it is that the cleansing oil adheres to the bad oils in your skin and helps remove them! I put it on and massage my face with my hands then remove with a wet washcloth.  

I use the same toner (Tula Resurfacing Gel) in the evening that I do in the morning. I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin even with using it twice a day! 

If you are like me and had no idea what the heck a face serum is or does, here you go. Face serums are basically lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. You typically put them on underneath your moisturizer after you’ve cleansed your face. I’ve had this REN Radiance Perfecting Serum for forever but I wasn’t really using it regularly. I started adding it to my nighttime routine since I don’t really need the extra moisturizing in the mornings. Once I am done with this bottle, I plan on using the Tula Illuminating Serum
Eye Cream
I repeat the same eye cream routine in the evening as in the mornings. Once I am done with this product, I will be on the hunt for a new eye cream!  

I picked up this Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream to go along with the rest of the products I use from Tula. It is hard to move away from my GinZing moisturizer because I love it so much, but the Aveeno surprised me so I figured I would try this Tula. I LOVE it. I usually don’t use it in the mornings because for me it is a little heavier of a moisturizer and lingers too much on my face, so I use it at night and it really moisturizes, brightens, and evens my skin.  It is a little more expensive of a moisturizer but it is totally worth the price and a little bit goes a long way! 




Masks & Treatments

I love masks even if I never had a skincare routine throughout the years, I’ve always had a thing for doing mask and facial treatments. I guess there is something about it that is like pampering yourself and feels good. I love putting on a mask and getting into the tub for a soak while my mask goes to work! 


REN Glyco Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

I’ve used this mask for years, it is one of my favorites and hard to beat. It has four different naturally sourced (from fruit) acids that break down dead skin cells and improve skintone and texture. This reminds me a lot of a treatment you would get during a facial, but at home! Since it is an acid-type mask, there is some tingling when using it.  



Origins Active Charcoal Mask

Another mask I’ve used forever. Charcoal/clay type masks are hands down some of the best for my skin as they clean deep down into my pores and leave my face feeling super clean.