Levi is Two Months

Levi is Two Months

Well… we’ve made it through TWO MONTHS with a baby!! Some days it doesn’t seem like reality and some days it is very REAL! I should also note that Mommy has made it through TWO MONTHS with a baby DURING HARVEST!! And that, my friends, is NO small feat. It is a miracle. 

They say when you first have a baby you go into survival mode. You do whatever it takes to survive those first few weeks and without a doubt that is true. We are finally going from surviving to thriving little by little each day. We have had successful outings without meltdowns, regular sleep and naps, quiet suppers as a family, mommy takes showers and gets ready for the day, and we’ve even begun to take little man to church on a regular basis. I have learned that the key to maintaining sanity and happiness while having a baby is to celebrate the little victories. Little victories are big victories and they are also easy to overlook. It is easy to get overwhelmed with my daily “to do” list when I end up spending the whole day holding him or rocking him and feeding. 

I continually remind myself that even on the days when I feel like I get nothing done, I am getting a lot done. I am raising our little boy and I am only given this time once. I have one chance to hold him and snuggle him because once he’s grown there will be no going back. Remembering that perspective helps settle my mind and my anxiety as I remember I am just doing the job that God has given me right now. And it’s the most important one I’ve ever been given: being a mom to Levi. In all honesty though, since naps are becoming more regular, some days I impress myself with how much I get done while he sleeps. 

One month makes alllll the difference. 

Our little man LOVES to eat and never ever refuses a meal and his growth shows that. He’s becoming a cute chubby little guy, starting to get rolls all over as he fills out. I almost don’t even recognize his newborn photos, it is hard to believe he was that little. He is also FINALLY growing hair! Considering how hairy both his dad and myself are and all that heartburn I suffered through pregnant, we were shocked when he came out with very little hair. He’s making up for it now as I swear his fuzzy little head grows more hair overnight. His dad keeps threatening me he’s going to cut his long hairs in the back as our family will not have a mullet. 

Here’s to two months with our smiley guy! 


Age: Two months 

Weight & Height: 10 lbs. 14 ounces (gained 2 1/2 lbs. in three weeks) and 23 inches (grew like a weed overnight it seems) 

Sleep: We have FINALLLYYYY hit a rhythm with sleep and OH.MY.GOODNESS is it glorious!! During the days, he will consistently take anywhere from 45 min- 2 hour naps and Mommy can now sing him to sleep if he doesn’t fall asleep after eating. He is awake for hour to hour and a half stretches where we play and kick and talk. At night, he’s been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at first and then anywhere from 2-3 hours after that. Nothing feels as amazing as five hours of uninterrupted sleep! After battling sleep for weeks and weeks, I thought we would never hit this point but one day, it just clicked. He still will fuss quite a bit sometimes when going to sleep but eventually he gives in and sleeps like a champion after that. Mom has also learned that these are just his “fighting sleep” cries and can power through them as we rock and sing.  

Recent Milestones: Slowly but surely he is losing his moro reflexes and his movements are slowly becoming more deliberate. When he is awake, fed, and well slept he is smiley as ever and will give smiles to anyone who googles him. He gives BIG gummy smiles a lot, they’re the cutest thing ever. He is becoming so strong with his head and LOVES to be on my shoulder where he can push his head up and look. We are SO CLOSE to him holding his head up on his own. He is also starting to find his voice and range. He makes a wide range of coo’s and other noises. Mark jokes he isn’t far off from saying Mama as he makes a maaa noise, LOL! I’ll take it.  

Favorite Things: We still love to eat, playing on our Fisher Price Piano activity mat and kicking up a storm, sitting in his bouncy seat and looking out the window, snuggles with Mom and Dad but they have to let him look around, lunch visits from Grandma (he loves that grandma!), sucking on his fist (I think he’ll be sucking his thumb in no time), googling and smiling at the ceiling fan in any room, and we are FINALLY a fan of the swing!!   

Advice to New Mommas: Don’t stress too much about what is normal and forcing your baby into a “routine”. I read four different books on baby sleep and routines in desperation to find something that worked. What I learned is that every baby is so different and they all find their rhythm at different times, no matter what some book says. We tried several different routines before we just threw it all out the window and established our own thing. It may not be the most perfect and there may be some people that gawk an eye at some portion of it but I swear half of motherhood is someone telling you you should be doing x or y. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. But our little man is thriving and surviving and in the end, that’s all we can ask for. So Mommas, remember, there is no right or wrong and there is no normal. Only you know how to best care for that little life you were given, go with your instincts and the rest will come, I promise. Give yourself grace, relish in the good days, and remember that even on the bad days, tomorrow is a new day. 

Levi – You bring us so much joy every day as you grow and become more interactive. We look forward to you waking up with a smile on your face and the times we spend in the mornings as a family as you kick and coo on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. You are so jolly, just like your daddy and I know you’ll light up a room just like he does. Daddy likes to joke that you get your sassiness from your Momma and I think he may be right there. You are so animated all the time and rarely spend a moment being still. Every day is an adventure with you, little man! And your Daddy and I love every moment of it! Happy Two Months Ribeye!