Levi is One Month Old

Levi is One Month Old

It seriously feels like just yesterday we were bringing Levi home from the hospital and now a month has flown before our eyes. The days may seem long, but honestly they go by so quickly sometimes I don’t even know where the time goes. I look back at his newborn photos and I honestly can’t believe how much he has changed. My days right now blur together and sometimes I can barely find a moment to breathe. It is hard to believe that caring for Levi has been my life for a month. 

Becoming a mom has been the most fulfilling and difficult thing I have ever done. I will be honest, I wasn’t fully prepared for all that comes along with caring for a newborn. I mean, who can honestly be prepared!? And as much as that sweet little face lights up my world, there is no denying that newborn life is hard, y’all. There is SO MUCH nobody tells you about having a baby. Raising a newborn is like a rollercoaster that you are riding blindfolded. Every day is something different, nothing is normal, and you never know what you are going to get. It is utterly exhausting both physically and mentally at times and I’m beginning to understand what it means to sacrifice for this child you brought into this world. I’ve heard it referred to as survival mode and in some ways it really is. You do whatever you need to do to survive. But the little moments when he recognizes me and knowing that nobody can comfort him like his Mommy can is amazing. The bond between me and him is something that I cherish and secretly, I hope never changes. 

We’ve had quite the journey since we brought our little Levi man home. The first few days were pure bliss. He was the happiest little guy who LOVED sleep and LOVED to eat. People were seriously joking with us that we birthed the Christ child. Well it all changed in a few days when our Christ child turned into the hours on end screaming child. At first we thought it was just normal baby fussiness (I mean we’re new at this whole parenting thing!?) but then the screaming increased and changed times of the day. The longer it went on and the more we started talking to fellow parents (THANK YOU MOMMY TRIBE!), the more we realized that something wasn’t right. Turns out our little man was battling with silent acid reflux. 

We started him on some meds and since then he has been feeling (and acting) 110 times better. Once we got the reflux in line, we didn’t even get a break. We hopped right into a three day feeding frenzy growth spurt of eating every hour. Seriously, y’all, infant growth spurts are NO JOKE! It was three days of nonstop eating like some kind of animal and rarely sleeping. Seriously, never before has Mommy sympathized for a momma cow until those days. He was like feeding a bottle calf. And those of you who know what it is like to feed a bottle calf know what I mean, the head butting/batting and everything! Mommy broke down on day two and let forced Daddy give him a bottle (mostly so Mommy could have a break). I was surprised when he took right to the pumped bottle and has had ZERO issues with going back and forth between eating on Mommy and taking bottles from Daddy when Mommy needs a break. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. The kid LOVES to eat!! 

After all of that, we are finally just now finding our rhythm, Levi and Mommy. We have had the most good days that we’ve ever had since we brought him home and it makes me so happy to know our little man is thriving and happy. And boy, what a character he is! The many faces of Levi!! 


Age: One month! 

Weight & Height: 7 lbs. 8 ounces last official weight, according to Mommy’s bathroom scale we may be tipping 8 lbs. now! 21.5 inches long. 

Sleep: Sleep is either feast or famine for our little man. Some days he will sleep the day and night away and some days he will fight sleep NONSTOP. This has been one of the most trying parts for Mommy. Trying to find a way to get him to sleep when I’ve literally tried EVERYTHING. And when you find something that works, the next day, it won’t work and something else works. I am, however, thankful that as he has gotten older, sleep has improved. He has given us some 4-5 hours stretches during the night and has given us more good days than bad days. He’s got a good Daddy that usually anywhere from 4-7 AM, if he’s awake and Mommy has fed him, Daddy will take him so Mommy can get some more sleep. Those one to three hours make all the difference in the world! They give me the endurance I need to make it through the days with him now that I am solo parenting during harvest. 

Recent Milestones: Lots of smiles and talking whenever I put him on his changing pad. He LOVES to roll back and forth from side to side and smile and coo. It is the favorite part(s) of my day watching him discover new things like his voice or his smiles. If he is awake, he loves to be upright and looking. He loves all the big windows we have in the house, the light always draws his attention for quite a while. Mommy loves this because it means she gets lots of great photos while in good lighting, MOM WIN! 

Favorite Things: Eating and eating some more, coo-ing on his changing pad, snuggles with Mom and Dad, lunch visits from Grandma, his thumb (when he can find it), tv time on the couch with Mom, and we are becoming more and more a fan of bath time. Although getting out of the bath is another story! 

Advice to New Mommas: DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT TAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF!!! It is easy to feel bad about stepping away for one moment when your child is screaming in the crib or in someone else’s care. But it won’t kill them to cry for a bit so you can take a mental Mommy moment and breathe. That is completely normal and TOTALLY OKAY! When people offer you help, LET THEM! And go enjoy a bath or shower or take a walk. Mommy care is equally as important as raising that new little bundle of joy. And as everyone always says, enjoy this time because they grow so fast. And they do. Soak up the snuggles and RELISH in the little moments of happy and good. They are there, I promise. This time is overwhelming for everyone, even if they’ll never admit it to you. Everyone begins on this journey not knowing what the hell they are doing. But you survive and eventually you thrive, all of you! 

Levi – Our Little Man, You truly are the light of Daddy and my life. Watching Daddy light up when he looks at you or when you give him a smile melts Mommy’s heart. The days right now may sometimes be trying (for both of us little man), but there is no place in this world Mommy would rather be than with you. We love you with a love that we didn’t know was possible. And surprisingly, bringing you into this world has shown Mommy and Daddy a love for each other they can’t describe. We still spend nights looking at you in awe and disbelief that God gave you to us after all this time. You are our little miracle, given to us when we weren’t sure it would ever happen. Watching you grow, daily, has been such a joy. Happy One Month, Little Man!