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Veal Cannelloni featuring Landwehr Veal

My dad’s friend makes this amazing veal cannelloni. Honestly it is the stuff dreams are made of… I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making it. Naturally, I was excited when Chris of Landwehr Veal got in contact with me about being featured. I knew the minute he told me he raised veal, I was going to try veal cannelloni. While my veal cannelloni isn’t perfect as as Angelo’s, it was pretty awesome for a non-Italian gal!  VEAL: LANDWEHR VEAL Wisconsin When did…

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Veal Dumpling Soup featuring Doreen Barker

I’ve always loved veal, especially in my Italian dishes. It wasn’t until Doreen I learned of Rose Veal. Doreen works hard to provide their cattle and calves with the best possible life they can. Doreen has an incredible story starting on a farm, leaving the farm, and eventually finding her way back to the farm after battling years of medical issues. Their farm in New York raises mixed breeds of dairy cattle, Irish Dexter’s, laying chickens, meat birds (both chickens and…

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