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Great Canadian Harley Trip

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably become aware that the hubby and I love to take some pretty epic Harley trips. After all, we spent nearly a week on the Harley after our wedding, we took the Harley out to California last year, and this year we decided to explore up in Canada. For living so close to Canada now, I personally have never been up there. I have lots and lots of Canadian…

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Farming Wheat

Why Wheat Matters Part 1

Since I’ve begun this journey on speaking up for wheat, many people have criticized me in doing so. Why in the world would I stand up for a product that has been deemed by many to be “toxic” and “unhealthy”?  Well here’s why. Wheat matters. It matters locally, it matters nation-wide, and more importantly it matters globally. It is extremely easy for all of us to sit here and be critical of a product that we think doesn’t affect our…

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Recipes Sides Thirty Days of Food

Barley Pilaf featuring Heather Maude

I was very excited to get a fellow Dakota lady in this series! Heather is originally a Wyoming gal, but now calls our lovely neighbors to the South, (South Dakota) home! Heather has some beautiful things to share with us about life in South Dakota, growing barley, as well as ranching cattle! And later I will share with you the unique barley pilaf I made! Enjoy!  Heather Maude Western South Dakota Personal History When did you start farming? What brought…

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Faith North Dakota

Johannestal Church: Never Say No to God

If there is one thing I love about our small town in North Dakota, it is the heritage they hold onto here. The recipes, the stories, the memories of the struggles that the people here on these prairies experienced to settle here and form families of generations. Holding onto those traditions and sharing those stories before they are lost to a new generation is something that this area in North Dakota does well.  Two weeks ago, I had one of those experiences.…

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Social Media Vacation

Life Outside Social Media… Medora & Sturgis

Social media has been an amazing thing in my life. I met my husband thanks to social media, I’ve formed some of the best friends I could ask for via social media, I have made a name for myself via social media. Social media has given me more blessings than I can count. But sometimes I let social media run my life. It feels like the end of the world if I don’t get “insert type of post here” up…

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Breads Breakfast Desserts Family Recipes

Dakota Kuchen

If you think back to when you used to visit grandma’s house as a child, I am sure grandma always had some special kind of dessert for you. Whether it be some sort of cookie, brownie, or cake. For children who grew up in Germans from Russia households, that special treat is kuchen, pronounced “ku-gen”, which is the German word for cake. Kuchen is a rich custard dessert with fruit poured into a sweet dough for the crust.  Kuchen is…

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Farming North Dakota Weather

There’s a First Time For Everything: Tornado Warning. Check.

Since I moved to North Dakota, my list of “firsts” has increased exponentially. I mean it only makes since that North Dakota and California don’t share very many similarities, I would be experiencing all sorts of new things. But last night took the cake on my lists of firsts. Last night we had a tornado warning.  Some of y’all who live in tornado country are like “PSH, no big deal… we live through that many times in a year.” And you…

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Farming Love Story & Marriage North Dakota Social Media

Finding the Silver Lining

Often times those of us blogging about agriculture get criticized for continuing the stigma of “romanticizing” the farm life. When my last post went literally viral and made it onto the Huffington Post. I had a few people who criticized my sunshine outlook on farm life. The truth is, they are right. Sometimes we do romanticize farm life. Want to know why we do it? We do it because if you don’t find that shiny silver lining in the small…

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Farming North Dakota Sunflowers

Where to Find Sunflowers

It’s officially my favorite time of the year…. the sunflowers are blooming!! If you’ve never experienced a field of sunflowers, let me tell you, do it. It is worth it. There is something truly magical about coming across a field of blooming yellow sunflowers as far as the eye can see. And North Dakota is a great place to travel to and find some sunflowers to enjoy. Although Kansas is known as the Sunflower State, it really should be North…

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