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Pregnancy Update: 13 Weeks

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Figured I would pop in here and give you all a little pregnancy update as I’ve received many emails and messages making sure I am doing okay! Y’all are the best, seriously! I don’t plan to have regularly scheduled updates because thus far I can barely make it through life let alone a set blogging schedule. I finally have some energy enough to cook, photograph, and blog recipes so stay tuned for some new content coming up!!  So here’s what…

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Sometimes You Have to Marvel at God’s Humor

So you may have noticed I’ve been rather absent here lately. And I promise it’s for good reason. Read on, friends.  Many of you may know that Mark and I have been pursuing fertility treatments for the past year and a half. Our most recent failure was in November, I found out our IUI failed on Thanksgiving. Luckily we were surrounded by friends and family when we found out.  We went into December completely unsure of what our next step would…

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The Journey of Finding Trust in God’s Plan

Journey of Finding Trust in God's Plan

This is the hardest post I’ve ever written. This post exposes the most vulnerable parts of me.  But for some reason, I keep coming back to it. Something inside of me keeps saying, share it.  My finger has hovered over the publish button for weeks.  I can’t wrap my head around why this topic seems to be some sort of secret code of secrecy among women. I know there are more who have been down this journey. So I guess a part…

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