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Agriculture Advocacy North Dakota

North Dakota Banquet in a Field

I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity of attending the annual North Dakota CommonGround Banquet in a Field last week. If you are unfamiliar with CommonGround, it is a group of Ag-related women who volunteer their time to foster conversations about how food is grown. Women volunteers share their personal stories and connections to agriculture and in doing so demonstrate we all have CommonGround when it comes to the food we put on our tables.  This event is truly a farm to…

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Farming Sunflowers

Visiting North Dakota Sunflowers

It’s officially my favorite time of the year…. the sunflowers are blooming!! If you’ve never experienced a field of sunflowers, let me tell you, do it. It is worth it. There is something truly magical about coming across a field of blooming yellow sunflowers as far as the eye can see. And North Dakota is a great place to travel to and find some sunflowers to enjoy. I regularly get lots and lots of emails year round from people asking…

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Drinks & Cocktails Reviews What I've Been Cooking

Coteau des Prairies Lodge Summer Beer Dinner with Surly Brewing Company

If you’ve never heard of the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, let me introduce you! There’s this gorgeous log cabin style lodge quite literally in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, which if you’ve surmised from my postings, is a gorgeous place to be! If you’re ever traveling through South Eastern North Dakota through fields filled with cows and crops and several miles down a gravel road, suddenly you’ll come to this massive lodge on the hill. And you’ve made it.  The…

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Recipes Salads

Potluck Taco Salad

One of the things I love about small town Midwest is that whenever there is a need, whether it be a wedding, funeral, or just a significant event in the community, people come out in the droves with food. Small town America shows love in food, and especially small town North Dakota.  Shortly after finding my church home here in North Dakota, I became a part of one of our kitchen committees. It is clear that God has given me…

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Agriculture Advocacy Crop Tour Farming

New Beginnings

 If you were to visit North Dakota in the summer, you’d fall in love. It is green, the crops are growing, the weather is favorable. There are prairies as far as the eye can see, spectacular sunsets, gorgeous lakes and in some parts of the state beautiful rocky bluffs and blooming sunflowers. On a particularly calm day, you’d think it is paradise.  Winter, on the other hand, is another story. It is as if everything has disappeared, the leaves, the plants,…

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North Dakota

Ashley: A Town Doesn’t Make Itself, The People Do

Recently our little town here on the prairie was the talk of a local North Dakota talk show on KFGO. On the show, Daniel Gunderson was discussing all the reasons why a person wouldn’t apply for a job opening in Ashley. It wasn’t a hit at Ashley, specifically, more-so a narrative on all the reasons why nobody wants to live in a small town.  It is true, Ashley is a small town and if you’ve ever lived in a small town, you…

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Breads Breakfast Desserts Recipes

North Dakota Caramel Rolls

So I’ve always been a huge fan of cinnamon rolls, they were what I would always order whenever we went anywhere that made pastries. But since I’ve been living in North Dakota, I  realize that  you haven’t lived until you’ve had a caramel roll. I am not sure if caramel rolls are something unique to North Dakota or the Midwest in general. But I had never come across their fluffy and creamy goodness until I moved to North Dakota. A caramel roll is…

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Farming Wheat

Why Wheat Matters Part 1

Since I’ve begun this journey on speaking up for wheat, many people have criticized me in doing so. Why in the world would I stand up for a product that has been deemed by many to be “toxic” and “unhealthy”?  Well here’s why. Wheat matters. It matters locally, it matters nation-wide, and more importantly it matters globally. It is extremely easy for all of us to sit here and be critical of a product that we think doesn’t affect our…

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Family Recipes Soups & Stews

Knoephla Soup: A Germans From Russia Tradition

While many parts of the world have traditions based on things like grits or rice, this part of North Dakota – the Iron Curtain as we like to call it – was raised on dough. You could feed a family well on flour, water, salt, and a little leavening and the Germans from Russia recipes prove it. Dough and bread were an all purpose food that was used in soups, casseroles, breakfasts, desserts, made into noodles. You ask any good German…

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Recipes Sides Thirty Days of Food

Roasted Red Potatoes with Lemon Thyme Butter featuring Leah Brakke of Black Gold Farms

So I always loved red potatoes. I mean, you can’t go wrong. But it wasn’t until North Dakota, I realized how amazing red potatoes can be… I don’t know if it is climate or what, but seriously the red potatoes grown in the Red River Valley are delicious. Leah and her brothers are taking over as fourth generation on their farm in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Black Gold Farms which started in the Red River Valley of North Dakota more than 80…

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