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If You Choose to Believe Bad Science, You’re the One With the Disadvantage

** title inspired by Julie Gunlock **  Ever since I wrote my post about The Truth Behind Toxic Wheat, I regularly get emails in my inbox of people wanting to engage me in “friendly discussion” and then proceed to tell me that I am the root of all evil simply because we use glyphosate on our farm. And it leaves me sort of scratching my head, huh… If you read that post, you should conclude that glyphosate is a fairly…

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Farming Wheat

The Truth About Toxic Wheat

You may or may not have seen this article from the Healthy Home Economist touting wheat is toxic due to being sprayed with Round up (glyphosate) as a pre-harvest. This article brings up some pretty fear inducing statistics for both farmers and non-farmers. Farming is our life and our passion and when someone spreads fear in regards to our livelihood, it is hard not to take it personal. So we respond in the best way we know how, through our own experiences and…

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