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Improving the Genetics of Our Food

It is no secret to any of you that I LOVE food. I love the amazing diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables I can find right here in the middle of nowhere North Dakota. I also love learning about how that diversity of fruits and vegetables came to be. I am constantly amazed when I dig deeper into the history of our crops and what is being done with technology today in order to improve those crops in an ever-changing…

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Family Thanksgiving Vacation

A California Thanksgiving

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that it’s sort of become a tradition that my husband and I spend our Thanksgiving in California. After I moved to North Dakota, we both decided it is too hard to try and split Holidays. So we told both of our families, Thanksgiving will be spent in California and Christmas will be spent in North Dakota. As usual, we made our annual trek to California this year for Thanksgiving and…

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An Open Letter to All People Who Love Food

Growing up one of my favorite dishes was my mom’s homemade spaghetti. I would always ask for it as a child and typically mom would tell me she could only do it on a Sunday. Once Sunday rolled around, I was so excited because it meant spaghetti day! I remember her pulling out the cast-iron pot, frying links of Italian sausage, her hands crushing those tomatoes. The spaghetti sauce always took several hours to cook down but it was the…

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Thirty Days of Food Uncategorized

Thirty Days of Food Introduction

It is common for many bloggers across the nation to participate in a Thirty Day Blogging Challenge once a year. Holly of Dakota Farmer & Farm Progress took the challenge up a notch.. Agricultural blogging for thirty days. Since I love food and I love agriculture, I figured.. Why not put the two together?  For the entire month of November, I will be sharing one recipe a day which will highlight a feature ingredient. Along with the recipe, I will also…

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Reviews What I've Been Cooking

Evol Foods Review: Street Tacos

Lately it seemed like everywhere I turned, everyone was raving about these Evol Foods meals. I had not even heard of the company, let alone seen their products in the stores. I stalked their website for a bit and when I saw they put out a Truffle Mac and Cheese, I fell in love. The lovely people at Evol Foods agreed to send me out some samples to try of various meals and small plates such as their new street tacos. …

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Appetizers Main Courses Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Blue Cheese Dip

It’s summer and usually for most people that means attending bbqs, pot lucks, parties, and other get togethers. The weather is great and people enjoy being out and about. And usually that means food, fellowship, and a few tried and true recipes…  Add some excitement to your party by reinventing some tried and true favorites and of course adding a little homemade element.  My husband and I, mostly my husband, LOVES buffalo chicken wings. I enjoy the flavor, but I…

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Recipes Sides

Cucumber Salad

Summertime has FINALLY hit North Dakota… although this week it cooled down significantly! BUT we experienced some summer weather for a few days! It counts! 🙂 I don’t know what screams summer to you or what your favorite parts about summer are… But I love summer because of the food. The fresh fruits and vegetables and of course all the bbq’s, picnics, and potlucks!  My husband and I have been enjoying lots of summer meals complete with salads, grilled meats,…

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North Dakota Recipes Sides

Lazy Cheese Buttons

I have a confession to make… I have an addiction. An addiction with old cookbooks. Whenever I come across a used book store or book section in an antique store, cookbooks are the first thing I look for. I have found some awesome treasures throughout my searching. There’s honestly nothing better than a cookbook that begins with explaining my duties as a wife during the 1950’s. 😉  It is no secret that we don’t cook like we used to. And…

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Main Courses Recipes

Curried Broccoli Couscous

As a child I was alright with eating vegetables. Except for one. I hated broccoli. I am not sure if it was just because most of the time I ate it overcooked or what. But it was like pulling teeth to get me to eat my broccoli growing up. I kept this intense hatred of broccoli into my semi-adult life. I avoided broccoli in fear that I just wouldn’t like it, still. Having not tried broccoli for years, a few…

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Singapore Vacation

Weekend in Singapore

We arrived back in Singapore late Friday afternoon. We were hoping to arrive in Singapore a bit earlier but our flight out of Cambodia was delayed. We have thoroughly enjoyed flying in and out of Singapore. The airport here is EXTREMELY efficient and has so much to offer. It literally has everything! From lounges with 24-hour napping areas, showers and spa facilities, to a hotel and pool. The airport also includes Singapore Tours where those visiting for several hours on…

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