Saying Goodbye to Our Bachelor Pad

Saying Goodbye to Our Bachelor Pad

This last weekend, we moved everything out of our old house, lovingly referred to by me as our bachelor pad. And moved into our new house, our forever home. I looked at my husband the night before we moved, we sat at the table amidst boxes upon boxes, and asked him, “are you going to miss this place?”. He looked around and without hesitation replied, “Nah, I am ready to move.” 

While the excitement to move into the new house as well as awaiting the sigh of relief to finally be done moving was consuming us, now I walk into our old home and I can’t help feeling sentimental. Our bachelor pad holds lots of memories and lots of firsts in our lives. It holds many stories and many good times. Many late nights fueled by lots of adult beverages. Many meals shared at a table we no longer own. Many nights full of laughs and many nights full of tears. 

So in memory of our bachelor pad, I want to say goodbye. And reminisce on a few of those times… 

House For Sale-10

I will never forget the first moments inside our little house. It was littered with Harley memorabilia, there was a hole where the dishwasher used to be which was full of whisky, there was ammo in our linen closet along side the board games, and pretty sure that hubby of mine had a pile of clothes on the floor in the bedroom. At least they were clean. 

Well, after I moved in, that whisky hole didn’t last long. I cooked for, I think, about a week before I demanded a dishwasher. I leveraged no cooking in order to get one… That next week, I had a new dishwasher installed. God bless that man of mine. 

When I moved in I am pretty sure was the first time that our stove had ever been used. It is a common joke that my husband is the best microwave chef around. Literally, that man can cook anything in there to perfection. He even has a methodology to his microwaving. Give the man a grill and a microwave, he’s set. 

My beloved Buttercup Kitchen Aid mixer soon replaced the pizza oven that sat in the corner of our kitchen. That was a sad day in the world of the bachelor pad. But hey, at least the hubby never complains when I bake him chocolate chip cookies. 

House For Sale-3The adventure of cleaning our house upon moving in always brings up some good memories. 

I found out just how many shirts my (now) husband owned. And I found out it was enough to completely fill our linen closet. I mean, I know ladies love clothes, but how many t-shirts does one man need? And of course, he continues to wear the same ones until they fray at the collar. 

When I cleaned out the “showcase” was another sad day, we had to hold a little memorial for everything that was once up in there. Dice cups and glassware (ahem, bar glasses) from Mexico, Harley Davidson hot wheels, more sunglasses than I could count, and we can’t forget Uncle Randy’s (who isn’t our uncle at all) glasses for when he comes over and needs to read something. (We love you Randy!) 

House For Sale-1

Another one of the joys of marriage is finding out just how differently two people live. There are endless amounts of memories regarding this subject, in fact, we built our new house around many of these reasons. 

My husband soon found out that my closet quickly turns into “a nest” of clothes and shoes that are tried on but not worn, daily (this means without a doubt, we have separate closets). I found out that my husband will do laundry, but folding the clothes is just not in his wheelhouse (this means I made space for clean clothes laundry baskets). 

We both found out we have different ideas of where dishes need to go before they go into the dishwasher. One of us enjoys them on the counter, another one of us enjoys them in the sink, which ended up in us putting in a triple sink in our kitchen. Who says compromise has to be hard, just build a house! HA! 

House For Sale-5So although there are many memories and laughable times we will miss from our old house, we are excited to be able to open a new chapter, in our forever home that we built together. And in case I am in need of a stroll down memory lane, never fear. Bits and pieces of our Bachelor pad are still there… Like our ugly as sin, but comfy as a bed couch down in the basement of the new house. 😉 

So, thank you for providing for us (and the hubs) all those years, our little Bachelor pad. I guess this is goodbye. We hope you serve the next owners just as well! And just in case we need to remember you, you’ll always be right there for us to drive by and laugh at all the good times we had together.



  1. Alice W.
    July 16, 2015 / 4:12 pm

    Jennie, I just love your old ‘Bachelor Pad House’, it is it seems to me to be plenty big in itself for two people to live comfortably in with no problems but with you & hubby that is constantly on the go, well, I guess its not. Congratulations on your getting to move into your new place that at my last peep I would get completely lost in. Please give us a complete update on it when you get a time to do it. God bless the both of you and maybe soon a ‘Little One’ to share it with. Thanks for all the interesting posts you have put on here to keep us all informed…