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Drinks & Cocktails Pressure Cooking Recipes

Instant Pot Limoncello


Living in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, I get pretty excited when I find speciality products at our local grocery store. As I was cruising the aisles last week, I almost shrieked in the produce section when I found Meyer Lemons. I LOVE Meyer Lemons, mostly because they are a much sweeter and more versatile lemon than its’ traditional counterpart. The juice goes lovely in salad dressings, desserts, and many other things. The peels you can candy to use…

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Family Thanksgiving Vacation

A California Dewey Family Thanksgiving


If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that it’s sort of become a tradition that my husband and I spend our Thanksgiving in California. After I moved to North Dakota, we both decided it is too hard to try and split Holidays. So we told both of our families, Thanksgiving will be spent in California and Christmas will be spent in North Dakota. As usual, we made our annual trek to California this year for Thanksgiving and…

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Desserts Recipes

Caramel Apple Galette featuring The Fruit Wagon


You may recall my love affair with galettes since making one for Thirty Days of Food last year. Most of you are probably like, what in the world is a galette? Sounds fancy but honestly, it is all the deliciousness of pie without the hassle. Essentially, it’s a rustic pie that can be used with any filling sweet or savory. I decided to take some apples, top them with caramel, and tie them together in a gorgeous galette. Today, we…

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Desserts Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes featuring Durrer Dairy


I honestly couldn’t live without dairy. At any given time you’re likely to find milk, several kinds of cheese, sour cream, and often heavy cream and cottage cheese in my fridge. Honestly it is a small scale crisis when we run out of milk! So I am always happy to feature one of my favorite ingredients I utilize daily during Thirty Days of Food. Ellen of Durrer Dairy joins us today to talk about their dairy farm in the Central…

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Main Courses Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Chicken Broccoli and Barley Casserole featuring Alaska Flour Company


Barley is a great versatile grain that can be utilized much like rice or quinoa. With my pressure cooker, I’ve enjoyed a quick and simple way to cook grains. Grains like barley, lentils, and even wheat are great ways to add fiber and protein into any dish. Today we get to hear an amazing story of entrepreneurship from out of Alaska. Alaska Flour Company formed in 2012 as a way t0 increase food security in the state.  You’ll love their…

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Appetizers Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Baked Taquitos with Queso featuring Kent Hanawalt


Need another great quick and easy recipe for potlucks, picnics, or any other gathering? These baked taquitos with queso are perfect and a crowd favorite. We hear from another beef producer from Montana, Kent Hanawalt. And just check out his gorgeous photos!  KENT HANAWALT McLeod, Montana When did you start farming? What brought you into farming? My maternal grandparents had a chicken ranch in S Cal, and my paternal grandparents had an orange ranch. As I became a teenager, they…

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Country Chili featuring Megan McKay


Kidney beans are always a staple in our pantry. Between chili, baked beans, and other casseroles I am always needing and using kidney beans. And now with my Instant Pot pressure cooker, I can cook dry beans in a flash! Today we head on up to Ontario, Canada to hear from Megan McKay about growing kidney beans and being married to a farmer.  MEGAN MCKAY St. Marys, Ontario, Canada When did you start farming? What brought you into farming? My…

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Main Courses Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Turkey Cranberry Melt featuring Daniel French


If you are needing a recipe to utilize that leftover turkey and cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving, this is a great one to try. It is simple but packed full of flavor. And the best part, most of the ingredients you’ll already have on hand from Thanksgiving! We’ve got Daniel of 37 Acres joining us today to talk raising turkeys.  DANIEL FRENCH Camden, Ohio When did you start farming? What brought you into farming? 2016 has been our first year on the…

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Desserts Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Blueberry Crumble Bars featuring Kassie Grasmanis


I am always looking for quick and simple bar recipes to take to potlucks or other community meals. You know you live in the Midwest when you are asked to bring a salad and bars to a church potluck. I had some fresh blueberries on ham and decided to make some blueberry crumble bars. They were a hit at the potluck! Kassie of Bowerman Blueberries joins us to discuss her multi-generation family blueberry farm!  KASSIE GRASMANIS Holland, Michigan When did…

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Main Courses Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Pan Fried Steak featuring Natalie Heim


Usually the hubby and I grill our steaks, but we’ve always wanted to try our hand at the steakhouse style of pan frying steaks. Unlike grilling, pan fried steaks form a crunchy outer crust, but remain tender and perfectly cooked inside. Natalie Heim joins us today to talk raising cattle and being married to a farmer in North Central Oklahoma.  NATALIE HEIM North Central Oklahoma When did you start farming? What brought you into farming? I married into the farm…

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