Here’s to Maddi B…

Last week, I got a phone call that I was afraid would happen after I moved… Mom called me today to let me know one of our family dogs was going to be put to sleep. And my heart just broke. I received this same phone call about two weeks ago… Only, it was a little premature. My family took poor our dog to the vet to put her down but the vet wanted to check her out before they made a final decision. They concluded after a few days of monitoring her that she had developed lymphoma (a type of cancer) and that she would live for a while longer. So my family took her home to live out her last happy days at home. Then the fateful day came again where she simply couldn’t get up anymore. And quite frankly, her tail stopped wagging. it was really time this time. Her registered name was Jake’s Lady Madison. And for short, we called her Maddi. And eventually, everyone started calling her Maddi B.

She was the first dog I actually remember being so excited for picking up. Our dog previous we got when I was just a baby so I don’t remember that excitement of having a new dog come home. We were going on vacation and set to pick her up after we got home. Vacation was fun, but all my brother and I could think about was the fact we were adding a new member to our family when we got home. And we seriously couldn’t have asked for a better dog in Maddi. Although Dad got her to go hunting, she wasn’t the all out, hunt till she dropped dog Dad was hoping for. Instead Maddi was passive, she was full of love for everyone, and she was beyond loyal. So although she went hunting and loved her job, she became more of a family dog. You just couldn’t help but love her. She was constantly keeping us laughing with her quirks and just how passive she was. You literally could do anything to her, she didn’t mind.

Maddi and I spent many an afternoon walking together. I could take her on long walks with my camera and as I stopped to take photos, she’d just plop down and wait. Or she’d make a good model for me. She was beyond loyal, if someone was home, she wanted to be with you. Even if it meant sleeping on the floor in my room, so she spent many days with me and the cat. Her and the cat got along and would often lay together. She constantly snorted and could keep up with my dad in a snoring contest. Even though she couldn’t speak, you could tell she was just so carefree and easy going.

Once we got our new dog, Macy, she became known as the “Old Dog”. And I knew that eventually that day would come and Old Dog would no longer be with us. Who would have ever thought that a dog could mean so much to someone until they are gone. ¬†And I sit here and compile photos and attempt to find words to commemorate Miss Maddi I find myself just sobbing.. Over a silly dog.

Maybe it’s the fact that I wasn’t able to say goodbye and give her one last pet, maybe it’s the fact that I know my Dad is heartbroken over losing his most loyal companion, or maybe it’s the fact that when I walk through the door when I visit California for Thanksgiving, I won’t have her sweet face greeting me. Either way, it’s a sad time for the Dewey family. And we will miss our Ole B. She may not have been the best hunting dog out there, but we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Thanks for all the long walks my friend.. And for constantly keeping me laughing, you will be missed.

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  1. October 23, 2012 / 3:21 pm

    What a wonderful post! Maddi B was clearly loved and had a great life.

  2. October 23, 2012 / 11:38 pm

    I honestly can feel your pain! I thoroughly can understand those feelings. We had to put our 7th member of the family down just days before my oldest daughter’s wedding. To make matters worse, I wasn’t there for her when she went to the vet – I was in Florida with the bride-to-be. It was so hard trying to be happy for Jamie and feeling so very sad! I still look for Jordan and its been nearly 20 months ago.

  3. October 25, 2012 / 12:50 pm

    Maddi B was special to you and your family so it’s okay to feel sad. Sometimes a “silly dog” can be the best companion :).