Faith Friday: Trust in the Lord

Faith Friday: Trust in the Lord

I wanted to start something new here. I’ve been reading this book called Sun Stand Still by senior pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have come to really enjoy Steven’s take on our good Lord’s word. Steven is real, he puts the Word into a modern day context, and he’s passionate about what he does. His passion for people to find audacious faith in their lives is contagious. 

Steven talks about something called audacious faith. He describes audacious faith in the book as this.. “The words on these pages will not go down like Ambien. I’m not writing to calm or coddle you. With God’s help, I itend to incite a riot in your mind. Trip your breakers and turn out the lights in your favorite hiding places of insecurity and fear. Then flip the switch back on so that God’s truth can illuminate the divine destiny that may have been lying dormant inside you for years. In short, I’m going to activate your audacious faith.”

Throughout the book Steven uses the illustration of a passage in Joshua. Where Joshua is fighting a battle and he prays an audacious prayer. He asks God to make the sun stand still. He asks God to not let the sun set on that day because their mission, their battle is not yet done. And guess what, God responds. The sun did not set for a whole other day. It is a simple passage in the Bible, but the message is powerful. Steven uses Joshua as an example of someone having audacious faith. 

In the book, Steven talks about Twelve Faith Confessions and how hearing the Word initiates our faith, speaking the Word activates our faith, and finally doing the Word demonstrates faith. These twelve Faith confessions will help us do just that. They are based off of comprehensive teachings of God’s word. And I love all twelve of them.

Every Friday I plan to share one with you. It is my hope that you will print it off, you will post it somewhere where you will see it every day. I plan to put mine in my bathroom. On the mirror. And as I look in the mirror every morning for a week, I will speak God’s word to me. 

So welcome to Faith Friday. I hope you will find your audacious faith with me! 

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Trust in the Lord with All My Heart


  1. Heather
    June 30, 2014 / 11:22 am


    Just found your blog through facebook. I too have married a farmer and though it’s often the hardest life ever – it’s also the most rewarding. God brought us together in the city but I had always wanted to move back out to the country. This is our farm website:

    Great job. Looking forward to reading more!