Coffee Date Friday: What’s In My Purse

Coffee Date Friday: What’s In My Purse

So it’s another Coffee Date Friday… well actually it should be a wine date Friday! Please ignore the fact that I look like a complete and utter hot mess… I’m really keepin it real! 

Y’all it’s been an emotional week… So much exciting news and so many family members and friends in need of prayer. Sometimes the term “prayer warrior” really is appropriate… There are just some things I am not sure I can pray any harder for. ANYWAY, I didn’t really want to wade through my week of ups and downs SO I decided to keep it upbeat and fun… 

I’ve seen a few YouTubers do a what’s in my purse video and I thought since I need to clean my purse out that may be fun! If your purse is anything like mine, you never know what you’re going to find! 

How was everyone’s week? And please tell me I’m not the only one with a disaster for a purse! Happy Friday y’all! 

I also made some changes to my About Me page, check it out! I made kind of a fun visual graphic to tell my story… Let me know what you think!