Coffee Date Friday: Relay for Life, 10K, Farming, & Family

Coffee Date Friday: Relay for Life, 10K, Farming, & Family

my weekly linkup with Diary of an Addict’s Coffee Date Friday….

Holy moly my friends…. this week FLEW by! I can’t believe it’s already Friday!? It’s been madness around here lately. I haven’t been spending much time at home in the evenings as I have been SO busy. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend where I can catch up on cleaning, writing, and cooking! 

Here’s what I touched on for this week’s Coffee Date

  • Relay for Life: Next week I am participating in my first ever Relay for Life. I will be walking with a friend of mine who’s husband is battling lymphoma right now. We have been busy fundraising and selling “No One Fights Alone” headbands for our team. There’s a link of the right sidebar to purchase or donate! 
  • 10K: In case you missed it, I wrote about my 10K yesterday. You can find that post HERE
  • Farming: We’ve been busy on the farm trying to finish up planting and with all this rain we’ve been getting the WEEDS are growing like crazy! That has certainly kept us on our toes when it comes to keeping our fields free and clear of weeds. 
  • Posts: I have a mile long list of posts I want to get out to you guys… Some of them I am waiting on my resident expert (my husband) to go over with me to ensure y’all are getting the most factual information. 🙂 
  • Family: Next week we have quite a bit of family visiting! I am looking forward to seeing our nieces as well as catching up with my brother and sister in law. My husband’s uncle will also be visiting and it’s been a while since we’ve seen him! Love when family comes to visit! 

How are you all!? Feel free to leave me a comment below about your week! I love hearing from you all!