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Jalapeno Bacon Jam

Jalapeno Bacon Jam-6

When we were in Thanksgiving for California, my mom pulled a jar out of the cupboard for me to use in some sort of toasted baguette appetizer… It was jalapeno bacon jam. And it was glorious. I knew I need to re-create it at home. If you know me, you know my addiction to jams with jalapeno so this one was right up my alley.  Disclaimer: if you aren’t someone who can utilize self control, this jam may not be…

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Canning Recipes

Plum BBQ Sauce

Plum BBQ Sauce-2

Since I’ve discovered the wonder that is homemade BBQ sauce, rarely do I find a bottled one that compares. Homemade BBQ sauce is simple and takes basically no time to throw together. It has become one of my favorite things to gift (everyone loves homemade right?) as well as add to my list to can!  This fall I tried a carolina BBQ sauce for the first time, it was incredible! Two of my other favorites are this Mango BBQ Sauce from…

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Canning Recipes Thirty Days of Food

Pickled Peppers featuring Ellen Way

Pickled Peppers-4

When I was in Chicago, we ate at the amazing Girl and The Goat. One of our side dishes was roasted cauliflower with pickled peppers. It was such an awesome combination. Once I got home, I decided to make my own pickled peppers. I used a combination of jalapeños and red bell peppers. The recipe yielded gorgeous jars of pickled peppers, plus it was a quick and easy recipe.  PEPPERS: ELLEN WAY  California My name is Ellen (Sanders) Way.  My family has been farming in the…

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Breads Breakfast Canning Crop of the Month Recipes

Sunflower Nutella

Sunflower Nutella-1-2

Last week for my Crop of the Month series, I featured a recipe utilizing a product called SunButter. This week, I am sharing a homemade sunbutter with flair. I am hands down a Nutella lover. Give me a spoon and a jar of it and I’m good. If you’re a Nutella lover like I am, you’ll love this recipe. I was amazed at how simple and quick it was to make. And the recipe yielded a fair amount of Sunflower Nutella. …

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Canning Recipes

Small Batch Kumquat Jalapeno Jam

Kumquat Jalapeno Jam-1

Remember all that delicious fruit my lovely friend Megan of the Beef Jar sent me?  See those little oranges? They are kumquats! Don’t worry.. I had to Wikipedia it too! Turns out they are LIKE an orange, but the reverse. They are sweet on the outside and tangy on the inside! Kumquats are mostly used for jams, jellies, sauces, and candies since they aren’t the best for just eating.  I went through a phase last winter where I made jam……

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Canning Cooking Resources Recipes

Intro to Canning: Tips, Tricks, & Tools

Intro to Canning

For years I have always been terrified of canning. I am not sure if working in the meat industry had me leery about botulism and other bacteria or what my problem was. To me, canning seemed like this daunting task left to the best housewives and homemakers. So I let my fear get the best of me and shied away from ever canning… Until last year. I had several friends on social media sharing their bounties from canning and I got…

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