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Love Story & Marriage

Love Story & Marriage

Marriage as a Calling


I’ve been watching a series online called Meant to Be. The basis of meant to be is that “when it comes to seeking advice about relationships, marriage, and sex, we tend to look in all the wrong places. Everywhere we turn, we’re promised pleasure and happiness, but we’re left feeling hurt and empty. The world claims to have the answers, but maybe we’ve been asking the wrong questions all along.”  I listened to Part Four this morning and I am…

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Farming Harvest Love Story & Marriage Planting

Realities of Being a Farm Wife

Realities of Being a Farm Wife (1)

It doesn’t matter where you go, there are certain realities that all farm wives face on a seasonal basis. Some of them are easier to deal with than others. Some of them may not be as big of a deal to some. The fact is many of these things are realities for farm wives across the country.    There will be times you just have to say NO. Weddings, conferences, social events. There’s certain times of the year you simply…

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Love Story & Marriage

The First Year

the first year - Prairie Californian

Last year at this time I was buzzing with excitement on becoming the new Mrs. Rohrich in a matter of hours. And certainly, our wedding day was literally one that dreams are made of.  A far away location in the mountains, sunflowers, sunshine, and making a promise to the man I love. I will never, ever forget that feeling of butterflies that came up in my stomach as I turned the corner and made my way down the aisle.  Today,…

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Love Story & Marriage North Dakota

Things I Have Learned Since Moving to North Dakota…


Two years ago I stood at the Sacramento Airport with a one way ticket in my hand. One way ticket that put me in Bismarck, North Dakota. My parents gave me tearful hugs and I tried to hold back my tears as I said goodbye to calling California home. California was all I had ever known.. And this one way ticket in my hand was the boldest, bravest step I had ever taken in my life.  Two years ago today,…

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Crop Tour Farming Love Story & Marriage

Checking Crops…

July Crops 2014-1-2

Yesterday for my Women in Agriculture column I wrote about taking time to appreciate the beauty in the most simple of places… To take the time to stop and soak it all in.  This weekend I did just that… We celebrating my nephew’s first birthday on the farm. Family, delicious food, and many laughs as three children under the age of 3 ran around.  After the festivities wrapped up, we headed out to do one of my favorite things ever.…

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Faith Farming Love Story & Marriage

The Power of Praying for Your Husband

Everything Flows From It .jpg

I have written many, many times about the struggle that is being married to a farmer. I was so excited when two of my dear blogging friends (Old Blue Silo & Nurse Loves Farmer) shared their own personal struggles with farm life. Both wrote two very different posts, but through both came love, support, and empowerment from our fellow woman. Whether you take my musings as a hand reaching out saying you are not alone or as a call for help,…

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Love Story & Marriage

He Challenges Me Because He Loves Me

He Challenges Me Because He Loves Me | Prairie Californian

I found this quote via this article by Matt Walsh on the Huffington Post the other day. I sat at my desk, partially laughing and partially in tears because this concept really spoke to my heart. “Your worst is your worst. Fix it. Be better. Nobody should have to put up with it. Least of all the people you love.  Love is a transformative force, and if you want to experience it you better be ready to change in every way imaginable.…

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Family Farming Love Story & Marriage Photography Wedding

2013. Our Year in Photos.

Happy New Year

It is amazing to look back at our year visually. There is something about a photograph that takes you back. The ability of a photograph to capture a moment in time. The emotions, the excitement, the happiness, or the sadness. One snapshot in time captures it all. As I look back on 2013 in photos, I am reminded of our trip to Hawaii, Jamaica, our small stop in Oklahoma, out to Montana for wedding planning, our trip to the Black…

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Love Story & Marriage Social Media

Social Media and Blog Year End Review

Social Media Year End .jpg.jpg

I seriously love year end reviews. I love looking back on the year we just had. Time goes by so fast it’s easy to forget what all happened. There is something about looking back at the last year, it makes you realize how far you’ve come and of course all the fun adventures and things you did this year. 2013 was a pretty awesome year and has already been deemed The Year of Marriage in my book. I did a…

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Family Love Story & Marriage Social Media Wedding

2013. The Year of Marriage.

2013 The Year of Marriage .jpg

Found this via my new friend Nicole of Three 31 in Texas. She’s a hoot if you don’t follow her! Anyway, she did a year end review link up she actually found from a friend. I love the idea of looking back on what you’ve done, accomplished, didn’t do, memories… I have shared a year in review the past two years in 2011 it was the Year of Social Media and last year in 2012, it was the Year of…

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