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The Importance of Crop Rotation

You talk to any farmer across the nation, and most will agree the importance and benefit to crop rotation. Crop rotation plays an important function in farming. Utilizing a crop rotation can help keep pests and diseases under control,  help to maintain soil quality, and ensure enough nutrients are available to different crops each year.  Here in North Dakota, we have the opportunity and ability to plant a variety of different crops. In fact, North Dakota has a history of diverse crops; someone like…

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Improving the Genetics of Our Food

It is no secret to any of you that I LOVE food. I love the amazing diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables I can find right here in the middle of nowhere North Dakota. I also love learning about how that diversity of fruits and vegetables came to be. I am constantly amazed when I dig deeper into the history of our crops and what is being done with technology today in order to improve those crops in an ever-changing…

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Crop of the Month Farming Planting Soybeans

Soybean Growth Stages

I hope you all have been enjoying the Crop of the Month posts! Many of you enjoyed the wheat growth stages post I wrote so I wanted to do the same for soybeans. I’ve already shared a little bit about the history of soybeans here in the United States as well as some great recipes including soy ingredients.  Why Do We Grow Soybeans? Soybeans are not a crop that was typically grown here in North Dakota, but yet in 2014 North…

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Crop of the Month Soybeans

Soybeans: The Miracle Bean

Soybeans. What comes to mind when you think of soybeans? For me it is typically tofu. Today, soybeans are the United States’ second largest crop in cash sales and the number one export crop, with about 40 percent of the world’s soybean trade originating from the U.S. Here in North Dakota, soybeans production has taken off making North Dakota a major player in the U.S. soybean production. In the last 20 years in North Dakota, soybean production has increased by…

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Corn Crop of the Month Farming Soybeans Sunflowers Wheat

Crop of the Month Introduction

Beginning in June, I will be starting a new series I’m calling Crop of the Month. We grow four different crops on our farm: wheat, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers. We grow these crops, honestly, because we have the opportunity to do so. Planting a variety of crops for our operation lowers our risk. What I mean by that is that in our area we can have a great short season and a bad long season or vice versa. In turn,…

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Corn Crop Tour Farming Soybeans

What Does That Sign in the Field Mean?

I don’t really recall this happening much in California when I lived there, but since moving to the Midwest, there comes a time of the year when all of a sudden all these signs show up on the outside of fields. They often look something like this… So what does that sign in the field mean?  First, let’s talk about how to read the sign. A crop sign usually tells you three different pieces of information. 1. The Seed Company:…

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Corn Crop Tour Farming Soybeans Sunflowers Wheat

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year: Crop Tours

This time of year I keep replaying that song in my head… It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Did you just sing that? Me too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. But there’s something about right now that is just magical on the prairies of North Dakota. Crops are growing and changing so much day by day, the sun shines and ends its day in a glorious sunset every evening, the temperature is comfortable.. not too hot…

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Corn Crop Protection Crop Tour Farming Soybeans Sunflowers Wheat

Why Do Farmers Check Fields…?

This last weekend, my farmer’s pickup pulled into the driveway on a Sunday afternoon. Unannounced to me, he flew in the house and asked if I wanted to go check fields with him. Immediately this made my heart swell because he knows: a. how much I love being with him, b. how much I love to get out and explore with my camera, and c. I, too, like to keep progress on how our crops are doing! So I threw…

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Corn Farming Planting Soybeans Sunflowers Wheat

What Type of Equipment Do Farmers Use to Plant?

Did you know that two different pieces of equipment are needed for us to get all of our planting done? Choosing the right piece of equipment for any given farming job is not always easy. Soybean, small grains (like wheat), and corn growers can share many different pieces of equipment. For example, last year during harvest I explained about how we use a combine (or harvester) to get the job done. And no matter what crop you are harvesting, the…

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North Dakota Soybeans: From Field to Harvest

Did you know it only takes soybeans about a week to ten days after being planted before they begin to emerge..? These soybeans were planted with that same machine we saw planting the wheat from this post.. A drill! Basically what it does it deposit a seed and some fertilizer in the soil in measured increments. Distance between rows as well as between each plant is important and the drill allows for that distance to remain consistent while planting acre upon…

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