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New Beginnings

 If you were to visit North Dakota in the summer, you’d fall in love. It is green, the crops are growing, the weather is favorable. There are prairies as far as the eye can see, spectacular sunsets, gorgeous lakes and in some parts of the state beautiful rocky bluffs and blooming sunflowers. On a particularly calm day, you’d think it is paradise.  Winter, on the other hand, is another story. It is as if everything has disappeared, the leaves, the plants,…

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What Does That Sign in the Field Mean?

I don’t really recall this happening much in California when I lived there, but since moving to the Midwest, there comes a time of the year when all of a sudden all these signs show up on the outside of fields. They often look something like this… So what does that sign in the field mean?  First, let’s talk about how to read the sign. A crop sign usually tells you three different pieces of information. 1. The Seed Company:…

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The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year: Crop Tours

This time of year I keep replaying that song in my head… It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Did you just sing that? Me too. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. But there’s something about right now that is just magical on the prairies of North Dakota. Crops are growing and changing so much day by day, the sun shines and ends its day in a glorious sunset every evening, the temperature is comfortable.. not too hot…

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Checking Crops…

Yesterday for my Women in Agriculture column I wrote about taking time to appreciate the beauty in the most simple of places… To take the time to stop and soak it all in.  This weekend I did just that… We celebrating my nephew’s first birthday on the farm. Family, delicious food, and many laughs as three children under the age of 3 ran around.  After the festivities wrapped up, we headed out to do one of my favorite things ever.…

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North Dakota Crop Report in Polaroids

This last week, it was raining off and on. The sky was a beautiful mixture of sunshine and clouds and just got even more gorgeous as the sun continued to sink down in the sky. Armed with my Polaroids, I hopped in the pickup with my farmer to check crops. I love shooting with my Polaroids. It’s unexpected, it’s something different every time. It’s perfectly imperfect. And for the first time since the crops were just out of the ground,…

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Why Do Farmers Check Fields…?

This last weekend, my farmer’s pickup pulled into the driveway on a Sunday afternoon. Unannounced to me, he flew in the house and asked if I wanted to go check fields with him. Immediately this made my heart swell because he knows: a. how much I love being with him, b. how much I love to get out and explore with my camera, and c. I, too, like to keep progress on how our crops are doing! So I threw…

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