A Foodie Mom’s Perspective on Agriculture

A Foodie Mom’s Perspective on Agriculture

This year I had the opportunity to be involved in a blogger trip through Best Food Facts called TASTE15. Through a series of trips, a group of food and agriculture bloggers had the opportunity to check out a small portion of how our food gets to the grocery store and finally to our plates. Throughout the various trips, we got the opportunity to meet experts and ask questions regarding our food.

But more than that, we all got to make new friends. I met Alice through this trip and it is my pleasure to be able to feature Alice of Hip Foodie Mom on my blog today. Alice is full of life and energy and there’s no denying, she LOVES food. She was always asking great and thought-provoking questions, so I wanted to ask Alice a few questions regarding our food system as well as what she’s learned throughout the Taste program. I hope you enjoy reading her perspective, I think Alice brings up some great points! 

Alice Choi is a wife, mother of two girls, home cook, healthy food lover and food blogger. Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in a Korean American foodie family, Alice has been surrounded by food ever since she was little. Meals were always a big event at her house and some of her fondest memories were when her family was seated at the dinner table. Growing up, Alice was able to watch both her mother and her father cooking in the kitchen. Her father has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years in Dallas and it was her father’s love of food and entertaining that influenced Alice into who she is today.

From Korean food to comfort food to Texas BBQ, she loves and eats everything. And now, with a family of her own, she loves cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients and buying local. This is, in fact, what her food blog, Hip Foodie Mom, is centered on. She is a big advocate for exploring the local resources and producers she has around her. Alice also feels strongly about teaching her children where food comes from and how it’s grown. 

When she’s not in the kitchen, Alice is an avid runner and just finished her second half marathon. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, Paul, and their daughters, Phoebe and Madeline.

You can check out more about Alice, her family, and her blog through the video below! 

What is your biggest concern when purchasing food for your family?

I biggest concern is that the food is fresh. And this goes for meat, fruit and vegetables. 

Where do you typically go for resources & information on how food is grown?

I’ve talked to some local farmers and CSA’s and I also, like most people, look stuff up online. Through TASTE, I now have met some great farmer food blogger resources!

How has TASTE trip(s) changed the way you think about agriculture? 

Honestly, growing up I never knew much about agriculture and, as a kid, I didn’t care to think about how food was grown. I just loved eating. It wasn’t until I got married and had a family of my own, that I really started reading up more and asking questions. With our move to Washington and now, Wisconsin, the places I’ve lived have greatly affected my outlook on agriculture, food, supporting local and learning more. The TASTE trips have been great and very eye opening for me. What I loved the most was meeting all the different farmers and hearing their stories. We are able to have food on our tables because of what farmers do. They have such an important job and don’t get enough recognition and praise. During this TASTE Tour, it was great to visit so many farms (and different types) and to get a glimpse into these farmers’ lives. I learned that every decision on the farm is made for a reason. And at the end of the day, they have to do what they think is best, and will enable them to grow the best foods possible and yield a better harvest. I think people, in general, are starting to care more about agriculture and the foods they eat, so I think this is great. Even if it’s because hot topics are being discussed, there’s a discussion going on nonetheless. Hopefully, more people will just take the time to read up on issues and start asking questions. 


What “buzzwords” surrounding our food do you think are the most confusing or misleading?

Organic, all natural, hormone-free, non-GMO

Are there any “buzzwords” surrounding our food you don’t find helpful or are outplayed?

Frankly, all the buzzwords are outplayed. I feel like some brands and companies just put words on a box so they can sell more products. Bottom line, if you care about the foods you are buying and what you are feeing to your family, I say read the labels and ingredients and make a decision for yourself. Also, do your own research and read up on the topics you care the most about. 


Are there any other things you’d love being put on the labels of our food?

Maybe a small glossary of terms put out by the FDA? just for like the top 5 terms that are being misused or that might be confusing consumers. . 

What topics in agriculture would you really love more farmers talking about?

I feel like farmers out there are already having this discussion, but I love hearing from farmers on the topics of GMO versus non-GMO, and the use of antibiotics and/or hormones on food animals. 


If there is a message you could give to farmers, what would you say?

I would simply say thank you. Thank you for all the hard work you do and for allowing us to have food on our tables.

Thank you Alice for sharing your perspective with us as well as being open and willing to have such a wonderful conversation with farmers like us! We appreciate all you do to spread the good word about the food we love and the farmers who grow it! 

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    Jenny, thanks so much for having me here on your beautiful blog! I’m so thrilled we had the chance to meet and learn from each other (well, maybe me more learning from YOU!)! Thank you for all you do and again, so thankful for the TASTE Tour and the people I was able to meet!
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